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Christopher Cross is working on his new album and Rob Meurer solo projects


Christopher Cross new album on the way

This is a great piece of news that Christopher Cross longtime music partner Rob Meurer (keyboards, dulcimer, percussion...) sent us a few hours ago:

"Christopher Cross and I have already written a few songs for his new (non-seasonal) album, and we have the beginnings of at least ten others. Two early titles are "November" and "Leave It To Me." More details at the top of 2008."

"Walking In Avalon," was Christopher' Cross seventh album and last release back in 1998, a double album with one studio CD (coproduced by Rob Meurer) and a live CD containing a 74-minute live concert (on CMC International).


Rob Meurer new stuff

Let's also discover Rob Meurer latest stuff. He have several tracks available from an upcoming album that you can listen to at Rob's MySpace page. His music is quite different from what he does with others artists. He goes by the name of Alvah (my actual middle name). A very pleasant music and inspiration with a incredible sense of humor and fun. This is mostly Pop Rock and very soft music.

Some players on Rob album on the way: Johnny Lee Schell is a great guitarist and bass player who played with Bonnie Raitt for many years. He is also the recording engineer. Berton Averre is the lead guitarist of The Knack (and co-writer of "My Sharona" and their other hits). On a side note, Berton and Rob Meurer have been writing musical theatre together since 1994. Joe Sublett is an old Texas friend and a killer tenor sax man. Joe has played with Stevie Ray Vaughn, Taj Mahal, Little Feat, The Band, Bonnie Raitt, and dozens of other greats. Larry Tuttle is featured on bass but is also one of the very few masters of the Chapman Stick. So, very interesting stuff and we are eager to know more about Rob's stuff!


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