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James Taylor and Carole King are ready to announce that they will play together during 3 nights at The Troubadour of West Hollywood, Los Angeles (California) to celebrate the famous venue's 50th anniversary celebration. James Taylor and Carole King will play at The Troubadour on November 27, November 28 and November 29. Like you probably know, Carole King played as an opener for James Taylor at The Troubadour in the early seventies and they plan to recreate one their common gig. It is said that there will be the same musicians (so The Section will be here): guitarist Danny Kortchmar, drummer Russ Kunkel and bassist Lee Sklar.

James Taylor says: "We thought it would be a good occasion to get together. We're always talking about it and saying we've really got to do something, but if you don't do it you never do it. This seemed like a great opportunity".

As a reminder, Carole King has a new DVD out entitled "Welcome To My Living Room" (Rockingale Records) featuring 135 minutes and so 22 great songs filmed in Southern California in 2005. Eleven songs weren't on her best-selling 2005 "Living Room Tour" live CD. Backing musicians are Gary Burr (guitar/vocals) and Rudy Guess (guitar/backing vocals).

James Taylor has also a very new CD and DVD "One Man Band" (Hear Music). Recorded at the Colonial Theatre in the Berkshires, the DVD features 19 songs in a intimate mood with Larry Goldings as a sole accompanist (on piano and keys).


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