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Eagles Long Road Out Of Eden deluxe collector's edition

Jay Graydon Live gig on DVD to be released!!!


While Jay Graydon is finishing his new album to be released around April 2008, the 1994 concert in Japan from the Japan/Scandinavia Tour with the Jay Graydon Allstars Band will be released on video on Dec. 18th in Japan by Ward Records. The line-up on this tour was, apart from the band leader, Jay Graydon, on guitars and vocals - Bill Champlin (vocals, of course, guitar and Hammond B3), Bill Cantos (vocals and keyboard), Sherwood Ball (vocals and guitar), Steve Porcaro (keyboard and synths), John Van Tongeren (keyboard and synths), Pat Mastelotto (drums), Kenji Sano (bass) and Joseph Williams (vocals). More on this as things unfold.

There will be two versions: One containing a dvd and the other one adding an audio cd of the concert.
Watch the amazon ad here and an exclusive video of the DVD here.


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