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Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt support John Edwards


Jackson Browne has thrown his support behind Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards. Jackson Browne teamed up with Bonnie Raitt to join Edwards for a series of campaign stops in Iowa last week.

"I am proud to support John Edwards," said Jackson Browne. "We need someone with vision and courage to fix the big problems facing our country. We need to end the war in Iraq and make sure every American has health care. John Edwards knows what it is to have to work hard, and he'll stand up and fight to make sure everyone in this country has the same chances he's had."

"John Edwards is a leading voice for change in our country," said Bonnie Raitt. "He's been one of the only strong, effective advocates for ending the war in Iraq and bringing our troops home. And when he talks about creating opportunity, he isn't talking about creating opportunities for corporate CEOs to get ahead, he's talking about making sure regular, hard-working Americans have a fair chance to succeed. He is willing to fight for fairness and equality for all Americans, and for tapping the immense economic and employment opportunities of safe, renewable energy."

Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne were also co-founders (along with Graham Nash and Congressman John Hall) of Musicians United For Safe Energy, whose 1979 "No-Nukes" concerts remain watershed models for grassroots activism. Currently, they are mobilizing behind, opposing federal bail-out of the nuclear industry.

Eagles on 60 Minutes on CBS TV for their new album Long Road Out Of Eden


The Eagles are on 60 Minutes on CBS TV this sunday for a special report. This is a kind of event for the Eagles! Steve Kroft catches up with the Eagles, as they rehearse new songs from their first studio album in 28 years "Long Road Out Of Eden". Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit known as The Eagles will appear in their first-ever extended television interview to be broadcast this Sunday, Nov. 25, at 7 p.m. ET/PT on 60 (see the special page and video about it).

This Sunday on "60 Minutes": Steve Kroft catches up with the Eagles, as they rehearse new songs from their first studio album in 28 years. Steve Kroft interview the band Kroft at the Troubador Bar and Dan Tana’s Restaurant in West Hollywood. 60 Minutes cameras were also at an Eagles rehearsal on the Sony lot in Hollywood. In it, The Eagles sing their songs a cappella and especially "How Long" new Eagles single from their brand new LP "Long Road Out of Eden" but also "No More Walks In The Wood", "Hotel California"

Don Henley says in the 60 Minutes interview about their new double album "Long Road Out of Eden": "It came out better than I thought….I think a great many of the songs on it will stand up with the best work we’ve ever done. We never wanted to just make an album for the sake of making an album. So it took 28 years. So what?…that’s my answer to that. I’d much rather make what I consider to be a really good album every 28 years, than to make a mediocre album every year".

Don Henley adds: "The Eagles are better together. There's a certain sound that we make when we sing together that over the past 35 years has become ingrained in people's minds…I can’t sound like that with anybody else except these guys," referring to bandmates Frey, guitarist Joe Walsh and bassist Timothy B. Schmit.

Eagles new album "Long Road Out of Eden" (2 CDs) is available since the end of October and newly as in a deluxe collector edition with 2 more tracks and a 40 page book in hardcover book like case.

Donald Fagen The Nightfly Trilogy : 7 essential CDs


A Nightfly Trilogy for Donald Fagen, it's a kind of dream for the fans that this new box set released this week by Rhino Records in The States: A 7 Disc Set including 3 great classic CDs: "The Nightfly" (1982), "Kamakiriad" (1983), "Morph The Cat" (2006) plus 10 Extras, a 4th CD with 10 hard-to-get singles, demos and live cuts. The bonus on "Nightfly Trilogy" features: MVI (Music Video Interactive) versions with enhanced mixes, bonus audio and video.

MVI Technology and great sound

Each MVI album is presented in Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 Surround Sound with bonus material in Advanced Resolution PCM Stereo (48kHz/24-bit) and also has the UrTone application, a brand-new technology that allows the customer to select any track or any portion of a track they want as their ringtone by using a simple drag bar. MVI (Music Video Interactive) is a DVD-based music format that offers everything you've come to expect from an audio disc plus more. MVI delivers more video and interactive extras, and with one click saves your digital music files anywhere.

Bonus on the discs

On "The Nightfly" MVI album: "Century's End," a song composed for the film Bright Lights Big City, "True Companion," which was written for the animated movie Heavy Metal, plus a live version of The Nightfly song "Green Flower Street" originally released on Donal Fagen's "Live At The Beacon: The New York Rock & Soul Revue. The disc also contains videos for "New Frontier" and "Century's End."

On "Kamakiriad" MVI disc: instrumentals "Shanghai Confidential," and "Blue Lou" and demo versions of "Confide In Me" and "Big Noise New York," a song originally written for Spike Lee. The bonus videos feature "Tomorrow's Girls" and "Snowbound".

On "Morph The Cat" MVI album: Previously unreleased live versions of "Hank's Pad" and "Viva Viva Rock 'N' Roll" along with "Rhymes," (an Al Green song originally intended to promote a review that never came off) and an interview originally aired on NPR's World Cafe program. live music, Ani DiFranco, Marcus Miller, Suzanne Vega and more


A great site that you do know: brings you great live music. Check out full-length videos from concerts recorded in Amsterdam's renowned venues Paradiso and Melkweg an watch over 800 other amazing gigs. New ones added weekly! For example, you can find concerts of Ani DiFranco, Marcus Miller, Suzanne Vega... Check it out! On their website, you can check the concerts and organize your favorite tracks.

Eagles Long Road Out Of Eden deluxe collector's edition


On November 16, 2007, The Eagles have announced a Deluxe Collector's Edition of "Long Road Out of Eden". Eagles' Deluxe Collector's Edition of the album "Long Road Out of Eden" is available since Nov. 20th at Walmart,, Sam's Club,, and at

The deluxe 2-disc album "Long Road Out of Eden" features 22 tracks. Included are great tracks: the holiday hit "Please Come Home For Christmas" and "Hole In The World." Also, the collector's edition includes a 40-page booklet with lyrics, credits, exclusive photos and desert scenes from the making of the "How Long" video which is the first single of the album "Long Road Out Of Eden" from The Eagles. Check it out!

Jay Graydon Live gig on DVD to be released!!!


While Jay Graydon is finishing his new album to be released around April 2008, the 1994 concert in Japan from the Japan/Scandinavia Tour with the Jay Graydon Allstars Band will be released on video on Dec. 18th in Japan by Ward Records. The line-up on this tour was, apart from the band leader, Jay Graydon, on guitars and vocals - Bill Champlin (vocals, of course, guitar and Hammond B3), Bill Cantos (vocals and keyboard), Sherwood Ball (vocals and guitar), Steve Porcaro (keyboard and synths), John Van Tongeren (keyboard and synths), Pat Mastelotto (drums), Kenji Sano (bass) and Joseph Williams (vocals). More on this as things unfold.

There will be two versions: One containing a dvd and the other one adding an audio cd of the concert.
Watch the amazon ad here and an exclusive video of the DVD here.

JD Souther How Long, A very best of, a new EP and soon a new album


Without the songwriting talent of John David Souther, The Eagles aren't really The Eagles. JD Souther has cowritten some incredible great hits for The Eagles: "New Kid in Town", "Best of My Love", "Heartache Tonight", "Victim of Love" among others and "How Long" the first single from The Eagles new album "Long Road Out Of Eden". John David Souther is one of the great guys in Classic Rock.

On October 15, 2007, Salvo Records UK has released a 18 tracks CD from John David Souther: "Border Town: The Very Best of J.D. Souther" on which you can find two lovely duets with longtime friend Linda Ronstadt : "Say You Will" and "If You Have Crying Eyes". Also in this Best Of CD, the original version of "How Long".

During his surprising tour in UK in September and October 2007, John David Souther sold a 1000 EP limited edition CD of 4 tracks: "Possible Weather" (JWD Music) in a Blues / Jazz vein:
In my arms tonight
One more night (killing spree)
The Border guard
Journey down the Nile Cool

Two of these tunes can be listened to on his MySpace official page.

Lastly, a very important piece of news: John David Souther now works on a new studio album, his first LP since "Home By Dawn" back in 1984!

Sheryl Crow Detours


Sheryl Crow has been busy working on her new album "Detours" that will be released on February 5, 2008 (A&M / Universal). The first single "Shine Over Babylon" is already available since October 30, 2007. Sheryl Crow "Detours" will be produced by Bill Bottrell who had already produced her debut "Tuesday Night Music Club" LP.

"This is the most honest record I've ever made. It's about being forced to wake up. When Bill and I got together again to work on this was such a cathartic and comforting moment. As you will see here on my first webisode "post" we love working together! He is one of my most dearest friends and I'm thrilled that we are back in each others lives! " Sheryl Crow wrote in her blog.

Sheryl Crow has already won 9 Grammies during her career and "Detours" will be her sixth album.

Crown Of Thorns in studio with Bob Clearmountain


FM Rock / Melodic Hard Rock supergroup Crown Of Thorns is working in Los Angeles on their new album with great producer Bob Clearmountain. Frontman Jean Beauvoir says: "Yes, we are very excited to make a new record. It's been quite a while so we've had to chance to recharge our batteries and build up our creativity." A release of the new Crown Of Thorns album is due in the first half of 2008 via Frontiers Records (Italy).

Michael McDonald new album, more details


More details about Michael McDonald new LP that would be available on stores in February 2008 on Universal Music Group. It is a kind of "intimist Best Of" according to the words of Michael McDonald himself given recently to a French journalist in Nashville.

This CD will have some cover versions: Van Morrison "Into the Mystic" ; Stevie Wonder "For Once in My Life" ; Ray Charles "You Don't Know Me" ; Leonard Cohen "Hallelujah" but also new songs from Michael McDonald.

Some songs of this new LP of Michael McDonald have been recorded in Los Angeles with Simon Climie as a producer. Some musicians are already announced: Michael Thompson (guitars), Abraham Laboriel Jr (drums), Vinnie Colaiuta (percussions) and a very special appearance of Stevie Wonder on harmonica.

Although, we eagerly wait for this new album, Michael McDonald is one of the singer of a new song written, composed and recorded by Willie Nelson: "Whatever Happened To Peace On Earth" released November 21 on Lost Highway Records that will benefit to the National Veterans Foundation, a peace song on which appear such great names as Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Michael McDonald, Patrick Simmons (Doobie Brothers), Lukas and Micah Nelson, Willie Nelson's sons.