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Sheryl Crow has been busy working on her new album "Detours" that will be released on February 5, 2008 (A&M / Universal). The first single "Shine Over Babylon" is already available since October 30, 2007. Sheryl Crow "Detours" will be produced by Bill Bottrell who had already produced her debut "Tuesday Night Music Club" LP.

"This is the most honest record I've ever made. It's about being forced to wake up. When Bill and I got together again to work on this was such a cathartic and comforting moment. As you will see here on my first webisode "post" we love working together! He is one of my most dearest friends and I'm thrilled that we are back in each others lives! " Sheryl Crow wrote in her blog.

Sheryl Crow has already won 9 Grammies during her career and "Detours" will be her sixth album.


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