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In the process of Bill Champlin's new album!

Joe Chemay returns with "Unformattable"


Joe Chemay is a well-known bass player & background singer. Turn your radio dial and it won't be long before you hit something Joe Chemay has played on. This top session bassist has played and recorded with names including Elton John, Lionel Ritchie, Christopher Cross, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd ("The Wall" tour), Shania Twain and Rascal Flatts to name a few.

RipperJoe formed his own band and recorded their own album in 1980. As the Joe Chemay Band, they got a deal with Unicorn Records, distributed by MCA. They released "The Riper The Finer" in early 1981 in the States, with a 1st single "Proud".

Joe's Newest solo venture entitled "Unformattable" is the culmination of a life devoted to music. A glimpse of inspiring melodies and dignified funky grooves! Available on Itune, "Unformattable" will be released soon on cd at amazon.com!

The record is produced by Ed Seay (Martina McBride, Colin Raye) for Trifectone, a writing, producing, publishing and recording partnership between Joe Chemay, Ed Seay himself and Biff Watson.


Anybody who knows me knows that "Joe Chemay Band - The Riper the finer" (1981) is among my very fav records of all time. I love westcoast music but most GREAT westcoast albums are not as great as the "Riper the Finer" album in my experience. It's such a masterpiece.
Obviously when I saw that Joe Chemay is releasing another album I was very pleased and excited.
I have heard samples of this album and it genuinely sounds fantastic. I cannot wait to get the cd in my hands.
Brilliant artist. Thanks

How can I get Joe Chemay's cd Unformattable?

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