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"Wholehearted", a modern & soulful hybrid of folk, jazz & pop pearl by Beth Hirsch


Until now, Beth Hirsch has been best known as the voice and co-writer be-hind Air's internationally acclaimed debut album "Moon Safari" with their classic hit, "All I Need" as well as "Everything", the sultry and hau-nting duet with Senegalese singer Wasis Diop from the Pierce Brosnan film, "The Thomas Crowne Affair".

Her first and second solo albums, "Early Days" and "Titles & Idols" from K7 Records were met with outstanding critical reviews bringing her folk and singer-songwriter origins to the fore-front.

Her latest solo effort, WHOLEHEARTED, is now being considered her best work to date thanks to the superb production of Jez Colin, Phillippe Balatier & Pascal Reva and first-rate musicianship from keyboardist Deron Johnson (Miles Davis, Seal), guitarist Jaime Kime (Jewel) and trumpetist Enzo Villaparedes (Earth, Wind & Fire).


"Who knew modern jazz could sound this incredible? For any jazz fan out there I would highly recommend that you give the latest release by Beth Hirsch a listen. Even those not into her genre of music will be vastly impressed. The works of Beth Hirsch are a great find from a talent that deserves to be internationally recognized."

Review by L. Anne Carrington / Helium US

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