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Work of Art, a new super band in the AOR stratosphere!


Frontiers Records is truly excited to present the European release of WORK OF ART debut album “Art Work” on February 22nd 2008.

Work Of Art is what AOR music is all about! Have you ever dreamt of soaring melodies, heavenly hooklines and a musical technique to die for? Then these Swedish boys have it all for you! This band was put together for the first time in 1992 when Herman Furin and Robert Sall met while attending the SÖL school of music. However it took them about 15 years to convince singer Lars Sarfsund to come in to the project full time and devote his time and efforts to the amazing songs the two of them wrote during the years.

They have recorded a demo (which can still be listened for some time on the band’s Myspace page) and started sending it around to websites and labels. What happen is well explained in guitarist’s Robert Sall words “For us as a band, these past months has been quite an experience. In February 07 we still considered WOA just a "side project" having only a 3 song demo and here we are now 9 months later, signed to our favourite record label with a completed debut album soon to be released! We're totally excited about this since this is not what we'd expected (or dared to dream about) when we first release our demo. Quite honestly, we didn't know what to expect at all!”

Recording of the debut album started in the summer of 2007 and in early fall the band delivered their masterpiece! Reactions are already overwhelming with such comments as “I'm really digging this record for an ultra smooth dose of traditional Westcoast / AOR” by Andrew J. McNeice of and “the best album of it's type I've heard in years” by Phil Ashcroft of Fireworks Magazine.


Influences like TOTO, Journey and Giant can be easily recognized. Ranging from more up-tempo Rockers like “Why do I?” to more radio friendly songs like “Camelia”, with grandiose ballads as “One In A Lifetime” and even contemporary Rock songs like “Cover Me”, Work of Art is set to reach not only the traditional Melodic Rock fan base but also to cross over to a wider and more radio based audience.


AWESOME !! one of the best albums to date... a must have for any AOR fan. i hope there´s a lot more from WOA in the next years.

Great album!

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