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Marc Jordan Live At El Mocambo reissued


This is the perfect collector for the fans. Vivid Sound label in Japan is gonna re-released on February 20, 2008 (in the Light Mellow's Choice collection), the classic Marc Jordan album "Live At El Mocambo" initially out back in 1980 on Warner Record in The U.S.A. and in Canada on RCA Records (1981). The album has been rereleased in France on La Califusa Records in 1992 (Wotre Music Distribution).

Recorded live April 11, 1980 at El Mocambo, a Toronto (Ontario, Canada) famous concert hall, the album is produced by Keith Whiting and Marc Jordan and engineered by Rick Capreol.

Tracklisting of the LP "Live At El Mocambo" (9 tracks): Secrets, I'm A Camera, Potential and Air, New York New York, You're Not Greater Than God, Satin Dolls, Survival, Lost In The Hurrah, From Nowhere To This Town. A few songs were already known like great tunes from Marc past albums: "Mannequin" (1978) and "Blue Desert" (1979).

Musicians contributions: Dave M. Morrow, Rick Grattan, Peter Mueller, John Johnson, Michael Farquharson, Sharon-Lee Williams and Colina Phillips.


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