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Melanie Dekker's new album "Revealed"


Discovered at hemifran.com, Melanie Dekker, is an accomplished singer/songwriter and guitarist from Vancouver, Canada, who has graced the performances of the world’s best:
Played to presidents, toured and received international recognition, gained rave reviews, and has left thousands of fans wanting more!
Dekker crafts her witty and heartbreak style songs with a driving rhythm that teases, pulls and moves the listener. Through her own tenacity Dekker’s songs have been placed colourfully throughout feature films, television shows, top radio charts and also covered by other notable artists.
Sonoma Mountain Entertainment and Zabit Records worked with legendary LA producer David Kershenbaum (Tracy Chapman/Tori Amos) recently signed Dekker to produce her latest album, “Revealed”. This collection of songs clearly represents the pinnacle of Melanie's career to date as an artist and writer.

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