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Joseph Williams "Two of us" mp3 download at CD BABY!


CD just re-released Joseph Williams "Two of us" cd, originally released in 2006 for japanese market.

Joseph Williams demonstrates that he can deliver outstanding vocal performances on these classic hit songs, which include “(Everything I Do) I Do For You” (by Bryan Adams), “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and “Because You Loved Me” (Diane Warren), “Have I Told You Lately” (Van Morrison), “Your Song” (Elton John/Bernie Taupin) and “Can’t Fight This Feeling” (Kevin Cronin).

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Westcoast All Stars mp3 download at CD BABY!


The West Coast All Stars is an a capella, jazz/pop vocal quartet featuring four, very prominent and respected singers: Bill Champlin and Jason Scheff (from the group Chicago); Bobby Kimball (current member of the group Toto); and Joseph Williams (former member of Toto). Producer Joey Carbone brought this quartet together to record two albums to date. The All Stars do an excellent job of performing rich, full-bodied versions of classic pop songs. It’s remarkable that these albums are strictly a cappella (vocals only), with no instruments being utilized. All of the songs display terrific multi-layered vocal harmonies, bass vocals, and percussive effects (using handclaps).

California Dreamin’ was the first album the All Stars recorded (in 1997). On this album, they sing a variety of classic songs associated with the famous California pop sound. All of the songs are very appealing and enjoyable to listen to. There are many highlights, including: “California Dreamin’” (originally recorded by the Mamas and Papas); “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number” (Steely Dan); “Takin’ It To The Streets” (the Doobie Brothers); “Hotel California” (the Eagles); “God Only Knows” (the Beach Boys); and “Sister Golden Hair” (America).

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Naturally was the second album the All Stars recorded (in 1998). On this album, Tommy Funderburk replaces Bill Champlin and they sing a variety of classic, pop and R&B hit songs from the 1970s. All of the songs are very appealing and enjoyable to listen to. There are many highlights, including: “That’s The Way Of The World” (originally recorded by Earth Wind & Fire); “How Deep Is Your Love” (the Bee Gees); “Just The Way You Are” (Billy Joel); “What’s Going On” (Marvin Gaye); “Sir Duke” (Stevie Wonder); and “My Love” (Paul McCartney).

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Doc Walker returns with self titled third album!


"Maria," the first single on Doc Walker's self-titled, third album paints the story of a good mid-western boy desperately yearning for a girl. It's the sort of catchy, upbeat radio magic that pop masters like the Barenaked Ladies would be proud of. It's also the sort of song, along with the forthcoming, hook-laden second single “Trying to Get Back to You”, that makes it clear that these five Manitoba boys have definitely arrived.

The trademark harmonies between lead singer Chris Thorsteinson and songwriting partner Dave Wasyliw are simultaneously sharper and smoother than ever before.

Super-guitarist Murray Pulver’s exceptional playing and vocal contributions are indispensable and the band has recruited the powerful drum-bass one-two of Chris Sutherland and Paul Yee on the back end. With these parts in place, Doc Walker have evolved into something they never really thought they've been before — a band.

"This," says Thorsteinson, with emphasis, "truly is a band. Everybody is at the level that they need to be to actually go into a studio and make a record — as well as pull it off live."

Doc Walker split the recording of the album between Winnipeg and Nashville. Their experience in Nashville only further enforced that they're a unified musical gang.

"When you go down to Nashville," says Thorsteinson, "the bands are all pieced together. They're amazing players, but they're not a band. We're a band. We were trying to get the band to the point where if we went into the studio with a world class producer, like we did, we could pull it off. Everybody definitely stepped up to the plate."

Considering Doc Walker's 2003 album "Everyone Aboard" won them Group of the Year at the 2004 Canadian Country Music Awards, Entertainer of the Year and Country Recording of the Year at the 2004 West Coast Music Award; Juno Award nominations and a host of other accolades, the fact that they're feeling stronger than ever bodes very well.


Bruce Steinberg passed away.RIP


Bruce Steinberg passed away in the early hours of December 30, 2007.
Bruce was a true renaissance man -- art director, designer, engineer, musician, photographer, marketing expert who captured the magic of California's Bay Area music scene of the '60s and '70s -- and beyond!.


His music-business credits alone represent the full depth and breadth of classic rock, R&B, funk and jazz; if you ever bought a record album back in the day, chances are that you already have some of his vintage work in your collection.

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Nathan McEuen presents "Festival"


The highly anticipated new album starring: Nathan McEuen (Guitar, Vox, Banjo, Piano), Chuck Hailes (Upright Bass, Vox), Paul Cartwright (Fiddle, Mandolin, Vox) & Mike Longoria (Drums, Cajon).
"Festival" is an all acoustic record which was captured in nine days. Taking record making back to it's roots and exposing the raw energy of a live performance with all the great sound of a studio recording. "Festival" is composed of sixteen new original songs with styles ranging from straight up Bluegrass to Rock to Folk.

Nathan McEuen grew up in and around the Rocky Mountains, Surrounded by incredible music and talented musicians. At an early age he started performing at all sorts of festivals, bars, theaters and radio stations with his father, John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band).
On his own merit, Nathan has performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, opened for David Crosby and Graham Nash, Dave Mason, Kenny Loggins, Monte Montgomery, performed with Kevin Nealon (SNL), Brett Dennen, Mario Calire (Ozomatli, Wallflowers), worked with Greg Penny (producer K.D. Lang, Elton John) Paul Willams, Willie Nelson, and many others.

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Melanie Dekker's new album "Revealed"


Discovered at, Melanie Dekker, is an accomplished singer/songwriter and guitarist from Vancouver, Canada, who has graced the performances of the world’s best:
Played to presidents, toured and received international recognition, gained rave reviews, and has left thousands of fans wanting more!
Dekker crafts her witty and heartbreak style songs with a driving rhythm that teases, pulls and moves the listener. Through her own tenacity Dekker’s songs have been placed colourfully throughout feature films, television shows, top radio charts and also covered by other notable artists.
Sonoma Mountain Entertainment and Zabit Records worked with legendary LA producer David Kershenbaum (Tracy Chapman/Tori Amos) recently signed Dekker to produce her latest album, “Revealed”. This collection of songs clearly represents the pinnacle of Melanie's career to date as an artist and writer.

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Podcast interview with Greg Mathieson at Inside MusiCast!


This edition of Inside MusiCast takes us into the mind and music of a true native of Southern California, where at a very young age he was playing piano, and by High School he was learning harmony from one of Stan Kenton’s principal arrangers. Fast forward through a career that has spanned three decades and you’ll find a master arranger, producer, and session player who has left an impressive mark on many musical genres. You’ll find his musical genius injected into hits for Faith Hill and Randy Travis; Christina Aguilera and Tina Turner; Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand; Manhattan Transfer and Larry Carlton; and Helen Baylor and Andre Crouch. In the jazz scene, his highly acclaimed 'Baked Potato Super Live', recorded with Toto members Steve Lukather and Jeff Porcaro, along with 'Pops' Popwell from the Jazz Crusaders, shook up the music scene as one of the freshest live jazz recordings in history. It still remains as a 'must have' among music aficionados to this day. His jazz collaborations continue to this day. Whether performing live, in studio or even on television, our guest also continues to be in high demand internationally. Inside MusiCast welcomes the master of the West Coast Groove, Greg Mathieson.

Discover "Starcrossed", project featuring Sherry Fox, Laura Allan & Joel Siegel.


“In the beginning, there was R.J. Fox. Then there was the original Oasis. Today, there's STARCROSSED!”

Laura Allen and Sherry Fox spent their early years in rock n' roll, and with the release of "Starcrossed" they take listeners back to the time where hard-driving music and female lead singers ruled the airwaves.
Those familiar with the story of 'the greatest band you've never heard' know the secret behind the title, but the results are anything but 'starcrossed'.

Like the unexpected return of a former love, Starcrossed strikes chords that resonate, both musically and lyrically. The powerful vocals lead a tight band of rockers captured live in the studio, and vividly reconnects to an era of rock that has been a long time gone, but certainly not forgotten.

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Jude Johnstone's new album "Blue Light"


Peter Holmstedt at Hemifran made me discover Jude Johnstone and I must say I was amazed by her voice and songs. If you're a Bonnie Raitt or Jackson Browne fan, you will certainly find an interest in Jude's music!

Jude Johnstone’s new release Blue Light on BoJak Records is a rediscovery of a musical style rather than a departure from the flavor of her previous works in critically acclaimed CDs "Coming of Age" and "On a Good Day". The music of Blue Light possesses the sensitive, soulful and poetic qualities found in the prior discs but returns Johnstone to the musical influences she grew up with in Ellsworth, Maine listening to Sarah Vaughn, Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney and Glen Miller from her father’s record collection. “I thought it was just on in the background but, lo and behold, it had crept into my subconscious and my songwriting. After my father’s death in 1987, I noticed that I couldn’t hear Glen Miller’s “Moonlight Serenade” without getting all misty-eyed,” said Johnstone.

The genesis for Blue Light, and the revisit to Johnstone’s jazz/blues/torch roots was the passing of legendary engineer/producer Henry Lewy (Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young) in 2006. Johnstone and manager Bob Burton had worked with Lewy in 1983 when they recorded a project at A&M studios. During those sessions the song “Over and Done,” was recorded with Chuck Damonico (Tom Waits) on standup bass and Mark Hatch (Ray Charles, Bette Midler) on trumpet. The song was a highlight from the sessions and when revisiting the recordings after Lewy’s death it became a source of inspiration for Blue Light. The CD includes a bonus track of Lewy’s original recording of “Over and Done,” as a special tribute. Johnstone added, “Henry’s death prompted me to finally put this project together and “come home” as he had beckoned me to do for so long…and this is the result. We did it live in the studio---the old fashioned way—over 3 days, then added the strings.

Blue Light conveys the emotional depth of Jude's songwriting delivered in her passionate voice supported by sophisticated, spacious arrangements. It was recorded at Mad Dog Studios in Burbank with musicians Danny Frankel (drums), David Piltch (stand-up bass), Matt Margucci (trumpet), Marc Macisso (sax), Freddy Koella (guitar) and Jude on piano. The recording engineer was Ken Allardyce, the mixing engineer was Charles Duncan with mastering by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering.



Dave Sereny's debut album "Take this ride"


Although he just released his debut album, Toronto-based guitarist, Dave Sereny has already made quite a name for himself in the smooth jazz world. Already a multiple nominee at the 2006 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, Dave has been spending most of his time this in the studio polishing his debut album which features some of the biggest names in smooth jazz.

A touring veteran of multiple jazz festivals, Dave has drawn the admiration of many of his most seasoned and well-respected peers, several of whom have joined him on his forthcoming album. The album both original material and covers showcases Dave’s guitar talents with friends like superstar bassist Wayman Tisdale, piano legend Bob James, N’Dea Davenport, Ladybug, sax man Warren Hill and Stevie Wonder-sideman Nathan Watts.