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Podcast interview with Greg Mathieson at Inside MusiCast!


This edition of Inside MusiCast takes us into the mind and music of a true native of Southern California, where at a very young age he was playing piano, and by High School he was learning harmony from one of Stan Kenton’s principal arrangers. Fast forward through a career that has spanned three decades and you’ll find a master arranger, producer, and session player who has left an impressive mark on many musical genres. You’ll find his musical genius injected into hits for Faith Hill and Randy Travis; Christina Aguilera and Tina Turner; Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand; Manhattan Transfer and Larry Carlton; and Helen Baylor and Andre Crouch. In the jazz scene, his highly acclaimed 'Baked Potato Super Live', recorded with Toto members Steve Lukather and Jeff Porcaro, along with 'Pops' Popwell from the Jazz Crusaders, shook up the music scene as one of the freshest live jazz recordings in history. It still remains as a 'must have' among music aficionados to this day. His jazz collaborations continue to this day. Whether performing live, in studio or even on television, our guest also continues to be in high demand internationally. Inside MusiCast welcomes the master of the West Coast Groove, Greg Mathieson.


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