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January 15, 2008


I just learned that Roby Duke passed away in December 2007. My sister and I love his music. I have 2 of his tapes and one of his albums. He will be missed!

His two albums Not the Same and Come Let Us Reason are two of my all time favorites albums. Thank you Roby for bringing joy to my life and others. What a talented cool guy he was, got to see him in concert a few times. One of the greatest male voices ever.

What a major loss for us all but a gain for heaven. I just learned last night that Roby Duke had passed away and just could not believe it. I have known his music for so many years (I'm 58). I loved the picture someone painted of him being hugged tightly by Jesus. That was excellent. I know his family misses him. I pray for your continued peace and the blessed hope that we share knowing we will see him again.

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