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Roby Duke passed away (1956 - 2007). Roby Duke dies


Roby Duke passed away (1956 - 2007). Kristian Nordlund has just sent us an email message to inform us about a very very sad piece of news. Roby Duke passed away December 26, 2007 of a sudden heart attack. 2 days before, Roby Duke was on stage with his son Brantley for a concert at the Calvary Chapell of Thousand Oaks, California. His last song was "I Shall See God". Among the different recording projects of Roby, his Christmas Album due to be recorded with Bob Bennett next fall won't be a reality. Roby Duke had been an amazing artist in the Contemporary Christian music (CCM) mood as well as a classic Westcoast / AOR sound.

Born in 1956, Roby Duke was a singer-songwriter, great guitar player as well as a producer. He grew up near the Mississippi Delta and was influenced by Jazz and Blues sound and artistry.

His classic AOR / Westcoast Sound gem is his album "Not The Same" (back in 1980) with such great collaborators like Marty Walsh and John Patitucci followed by his LP "Come Let Us Reason" (1984). More recently, in 1989, Roby Duke has a great CD "Down To Business".

"Not The Same" is well considered like one of the jewels of the Westcoast Music / AOR sound with the beautiful song "Promised Land". This LP (9 tracks) has been reissued 10 years ago in a remastered CD version with a bonus track: "You Love Me" (duet with Kelly Willard). Roby Duke will definitely miss to fans of our music.

More information about Roby Duke's career at his MySpace site, on his official website (Mahali Music) and at the official Roby Duke's family website who indicate us this video on YouTube that reflects the big talent of this artist.

Roby Duke discography:

* "Not The Same" (1980, SongBird / MCA) available at
* "Come Let Us Reason" (1984, Word Records)
* "Blue Eyed Soul" (1986, Word Records) available at
* "Down To Business" (1989, Good News Records) available at
* "Bridge Divine" (1994, Word Records) available at
* "Ghost" (2004, Masali Music) available at CDBaby
* "Relaxed Fits - A Casual Collection" (2006, Masali Music) available at CDBaby

Roby Duke
(1956 - 2007)
Rest In Peace


God blessed his gentle style of worship/praise music. I had some of the original casettes from when they came out.

It's Nov 2010, and I'm just learning of Roby Duke's Homegoing. His cassette tapes, Blue-eyed Soul and Down to Business, helped me deal with the storms of my life when I opposed myself and on the road to finding out my identity in CHRIST. Although He's no longer among us....His Music still Speaks!!

Wow..I was around 7 years old when I first heard "Come let us reason". I had "Down to business" on cassette tape, and even at a young age (I'll be 30 this year) I felt that Roby Duke was a musical genius. I went to research where I could purchase that album again, and ran across this terrible news. My condolences to his family. He's in heaven making beautiful music with the angels for sure. I just had to post something because his music had a major impact on my childhood, and I can't wait to share it with my children.

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