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"Stone of Sisyphus", the unreleased Chicago album would be released by Rhino this year!


"Stone Of Sisyphus" is the title of an unreleased studio album by Chicago, recorded in 1993 and to be released in 1994. Its original working title was Chicago 22, but "Night & Day" Big Band ultimately became the band's twenty-second official album.

Produced by Peter Wolf and set for release in March of 1994, Stone was to mark the return to the adventurous and experimental sound the band had established in their glory years of the early 1970s, with a modern refurbishing. It was meant to be a drastic departure from the familiar power-ballad mode the group had become locked into. Robert Lamm initially suggested the possible title "Resolve," but the band eventually settled on "Stone of Sisyphus" based on Bill Champlin's suggestion.

The soaring title track, written and co-sung by guitarist Dawayne Bailey, was based on Greek mythology - a man named Sisyphus forced to climb up a huge mountain with a rolling stone. Upon reaching the mountaintop successfully with the stone, he would be free of the curse. But the stone kept rolling down the mountain, thus he would have to start all over again.

Statements made in a June 22, 2007 podcast by Chicago member Robert Lamm indicated that Rhino Records will release the album in 2008. Stay tuned!!!


The art in this article is (sadly) not the art Rhino chose for the release of the album. I think the art they chose is very poor, especially in comparison to the above art by Arnaud Leger. Arnaud is on MySpace < > so if you are interested in a copy of the above art to use for the album in your favourite media player you might want to drop by his space at MySpace and drop him a line. Perhaps he will send you a copy of the art for your personal use.

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