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Discover "Higher" by Greg Golden!


I am very pleased to make you discover Greg Golden with his amazing album "Higher". Greg started playing in bands at the age of 12 and made his way onto the club scene at 15. His major music influences would have to be bands like Toto, Kansas, Journey, Foreigner, and Yes. He toured with many independent bands across the Midwest during the ‘80s and early ‘90s then thinking he needed to have a fall back plan, the music thing does not works out for the long-term, he studied finance in school and for the past 8+ years have served as Presdient and CEO of Golden Capital Management, a firm he founded in 1999.

Greg never stopped playing music and Last year, came the project to record an album inspired by his three daughters – Miranda (11), Emily (9), and Abigail (6). He was trying to find a way to help raise money for their school and thought that by recording a CD he could sell it and all the proceeds would go to the school. It has been a lot of fun, sharing the songs with others and hearing their feedback on which songs they liked the best.

One thing for sure, we'd like his daugthers will inspire him to record again and again. I already fell in love with "Holdin out for love", kind of song where Toto meet Kansas with a fantastic guitar intro...
"Higher" is very enjoyable. Good music, great vocals and songs that will encourage and energize with a positive Christian message of hope and faith!

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