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Lionel's dad "11:11"


Regarding, here's the review by our friend Takeito about Mark T Williams's latest release:
"Mark T. Williams has just released his 7th solo effort as the ablum entitled "11:11" featuring 13 songs, under the name of "Lionel's Dad" as usual. Some are very experimental and/or very rough-edged, and some are of quality. I would recommend you to listen to the second track "I Long For You", well-produced mid tempo ballad type song, reminding you of his young brother, Joseph Williams. The following "On A Holiday" would be worth listening. After the long lead-in with sax and guitar, mid-80's vein good Mark's vocal would follow. You must not ignore the track # 6. Yes, "Top Down Girl" written with and originally performed by his young brother on Joseph's album "3". Funky powerful rock tune "I Waited" would be a decent song."

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