Podcast interview with John Robinson at Inside MusiCast!
Santa Fe & the Fat City Horns released their new Live record "Let the healing begin"!

Podcast interview with Bill Champlin at Inside MusiCast!


Bill Champlin is a man who has experienced musical success on his own terms. Over the years you’ve known him as a solo artist, session musician, vocalist, and longtime member of the band Chicago. From the very start of his career, you’ll find interesting detours that have taken him to places where other musicians only wish they could experience. From the early psychedelic era of The Sons of Champlin in San Francisco, to laying down smooth vocal tracks with David Foster, to his contributions in Chicago, Bill found his way to his own music by listening, learning, and absorbing from the very best. The fact is, if you step back to see the breadth of his talent, at the core you’ll find a man who has been gifted with one of the most soulful voices that has helped define what R&B is today. That's why we're eagerly awaiting his new album which will be released later this year. Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome Bill Champlin.


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