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Podcast interview with Bill Champlin at Inside MusiCast!

Podcast interview with John Robinson at Inside MusiCast!


Over the years there have been a handful of drummers that have reached the ultimate plateau of first call rhythm makers who are called on to deliver the best grooves for the greatest producers and artists. If you’re thinking of a few, mostly likely John Robinson is on the list. From Michael Jackson’s 'Off The Wall' to Quincy Jones’ 'The Dude'; from Smokey Robinson’s 'One Heartbeat' to Anita Baker’s 'Rapture'; from Joe Sample’s 'Spellbound' to Ricky Lee Jone’s 'Flying Cowboys', you’ll find his uniquely experienced groove added to each hit. Because of his ability to deliver the right feel for the right project, he has been one of Quincy Jones’ go-to drummers since 1979, and also Barbra Streisand’s since 1993. He’s been pegged as one of the most recorded drummers in history, and a look at his discography will leave you convinced. As a global drummer, J.R. Robinson is leaving his mark not only in the U.S., but also internationally. Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome John 'JR' Robinson.



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