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Santa Fe & the Fat City Horns released their new Live record "Let the healing begin"!


The new cd by Santa Fe & the Fat City Horns is officially released. A FREE downloadable BONUS song, that isn't on the CD, is available HERE!

For 30 years Santa Fe has been one of Las Vegas' Crown Jewels, never giving less than 100% to their audiences.
This band has been a "farm club" for many big acts, shows, and bands, and many incredible musicians have honored it's ranks. The latest incarnation of this band features a 6 piece horn section, and an 8 piece rhythm section that includes 4 lead singers.This is no ordinary band. In the words of founder and leader Jerry Lopez:
"This band is the culmination of the dreams of all of the individual musicians in the band. We all dreamed about what the “ideal” gig would be, and it went something like this:To play music that moved, challenged and inspired us without the usual external restrictions, influences, or boundaries that come with every other (paying)gig,… To make that music with people we love and respect both personally and musically,….. And to be able to share it with others.
That is what Santa Fe & the Fat City horns is about.
The band is a throw back to all the horn bands that influenced us all growing up, as well as a tribute to our musical heroes and friends mixed with our own music and arrangements. Old School and raw, but polished with pride and discipline. I wanted to have the enthusiasm and excitement I had when I was 17 years old about my music!
The first band meeting I had went like this: “I want each of you to bring in a piece of music that you have always wanted to play but couldn’t get away with in a lounge, showroom, or any other commercial gig. It can be an original piece, a cover, whatever. And then we’re going to have some fun making it our own”.

The band has never had publicity or marketing of any kind, and continues to fill the rooms it plays in by word of mouth alone. Most of the audiences are made up of talented musicians and entertainers from all walks of life, and Jerry has been known to remarked more than once that “half the audience could do this gig”, and if you look at the people that make up this band's audience, you know he means it. Great Music is medicine for the heart, soul and mind,.. and Santa Fe & T.F.C.H. brings it!


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