Hans York "Young Amelia"
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Doc Schneider "Second chances"


Famed Producers Ben Wisch and Jeff Jacobs lend a hand to this collection of Doc Schneider songs, performed by outstanding artists -- including Eugene Ruffolo, Lucy Kaplansky, Jon Allmett, Greg Ferguson, Cheryl Wilson, and Josie Aiello.
Schneider's first album "Choices and Chances", was his solo debut in his own voice and with his own guitar. For the new album, Schneider turns over a batch of 18 songs to the pros, and lets the pros do all the singing and playing. (Schneider sings only on the last track.) This album represents a second chance for his songs, old and new, in the hands of an all-star lineup. Ben Wisch has produced Marc Cohn (Walking in Memphis), David Wilcox (Home Again), Eugene Ruffolo (The Hardest Easy), and countless others. Jeff Jacobs is the keyboard player in Foreigner, and played for 5 years with Billy Joel. These talented musicians give their all to Schneider's songs and manage to make them sound like they fell straight out of the singer-songwriter treasure chest. For those who have dug in that treasure chest before and who have been moved by songs by James Taylor, David Wilcox, Dar Williams,Paul Simon, or really any song that aims at confessions and hopes of the heart set to music with an intimate delivery style, pull up some headphones, a glass of wine or two, and get ready to open up your heart.

Thanks to P. Holmstedt (Hemifran)

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