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German-born, Seattle-based, Award winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hans York has quickly made himself a name as an extraordinary DADGAD player and strong, engaging performer with a distinctive style and an irrepressibly delightful and approachable manner. His intimate and distinctive voice draws comparisons to Sting, Paul Simon, Kenny Rankin or Michael Franks and captures the audience instantly with its honesty and clearness.

Hans accompanied Robert Palmer on German TV, toured as bassist with the New York Broadway Ensemble, played throughout Europe with master harp player Rüdiger Oppermann, and performed a Concerto as Soloist on fretless bass with the "Ars Quittilinga" Chamber Orchestra (Concerto written by contemporary German composer Thomas König). Hans York co- founded the German Worldmusic cult band Moka Efti and recorded three CDs with them. The third album, “Fata Morgana” features US saxophonist Charlie Mariano and producer/saxophonist Heinrich von Kalnein (Vienna Art Orchestra).

Hans spent six months in Rio de Janeiro where he studied Samba, Bossa Nova and popular Brazilian music, an experience that upon his return to Germany, inspired his first solo album Hazzazar.

His 2008 album "Young Amelia" is a low-key gem showcasing York’s impressive acoustic guitar playing, appealing tenor and strong songwriting skills. His approach to the guitar blends jazz, folk and Classical European styles into a sound that’s both familiar and unique. Self-produced and recorded live in the studio in a mere two and a half days with the help of some talented friends (credits below), Young Amelia shows off York’s distinctive guitar sound, full of rhythmic and melodic flourishes that impress without overwhelming the songs. York favors open tunings, which give his playing an expansive feel, marked by full, round notes and chiming overtones.

"Young Amelia" takes you on a subtle journey to explore the hidden recesses of the human heart with outstanding musicianship and deep compassion. The set includes “Tell Me Why,” a jazzy, Brazilian flavored tune marked by York’s impressive fretwork; the classic swing of “Invocation,” which will be the album’s first single, where York drops a bit of tongue twisting vocalese worthy of Jon Hendricks into the mix, and the gently rowdy ragtime of “Never Been in Love,” a tongue in cheek celebration of life after a failed relationship. Other standout tracks include “Young Amelia,” a ballad full of melancholic poetry that investigates the heartbreaking tension between love and loss, youth and old age; “Snow,” a tune with a circular guitar melody that suggests swirling snowflakes; the elegant, measured ballad “Inner Windows;” the newgrass bounce of “Lifeline,” and “Letting Go,” a hushed meditation on the death of a parent with one of York’s most poignant vocals. York will be touring extensively to support Young Amelia, impressing audiences with his remarkable musicianship and low-key charisma.

Thanks to P.Holmstedt (Hemifran)

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