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ACTION self debut album!


Originally formed in 1985, “Action” is a long-time concept devised by acclaimed guitarist / songwriter Chip of What Matters, Mars Hill and The Hitmen. Action features the soaring vocals of Jack Marques (Solo, Crossover, Unknown God, Mars Hill) and the musical talents of bassist Chris Sutherland (Mars Hill, Action), keyboardist Ruben Demello (Galactic Vibe Music Productions, Crossover, Unknown God, Mars Hill), drummer Chris Longo (Project Broken, Dirty Deeds, Hysteria, Promises) with additional drums from Mark Duane (Trendkill, Paradox, Action, Touch, Krankenstein).

As founder and guitarist for the band Action during the mid to late 80’s, Chip shared the stage with Quiet Riot, Firehouse, Slaughter, Rough Cutt and Zebra among many others. As the musical landscape quickly changed in the early 90’s, Action split not to be heard from again until he collaborated with singer / songwriter Jack Marques a decade later.

Between bands and life itself, both Chip and Jack had each individually written and recorded a number of outstanding melodic rock tracks over the years which ranged from 80’s rock / metal to more modern adult oriented rock. Each had always been saving these unused gems for some future project; they just weren’t sure what it would be.

What is certain, these gems are fresh, melodic power rock - true to its 80's roots while delivering a modern kick! Action is an infusion of Boston meets Journey with touches of Whitesnake and Def Leppard. With this mix, Action delivers what rock fans have been waiting a decade or more for - screaming melodic guitars, soaring vocals, catchy choruses and rockin’ beats.

Never feeling that Action was quite finished, in mid 2006, Chip approached friend and manager Ron Vining about getting the project off the ground again. In February 2007, Action were snapped up by Frontiers Records and the album was delivered a few months latr, with an artwork courtesy of Richard Mace (Journey, Soul SirkUS, Jeff Scott Soto).

Read the full story of the band HERE!


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