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Interview with Kirk Whalum at Inside musicast


For a young boy growing up in Memphis,Tennessee, exposure to Gospel, soul, jazz, and R&B music was inevitable. The difference for Kirk Whalum was that his baptismal into this music happened at the church where his father pastored. Surrounded by a family that was comprised of several professional musicians, Kirk didn’t have to find music...music found him. But, it was the sparkle and shine that first attracted him to his first saxophone. It was jazz great Bob James that first discovered Kirk playing at a gig in Houston, Texas where shortly thereafter, hired him to play one of his solo albums entitled '12.' Today, Whalum humbly tells how divine intervention had a definite hand in his past success and stands on a faith that is clearly contageous. He celebrated his 25 years in the business with the release of his 2007 album 'Roundtrip', and engaged producer Phillippe Saisse, who worked on his first solo album, along with an amazingly great lineup of musicians that included Earl Klugh and many guest musicians who are….ready for this? Family members! Inside MusiCast is happy to welcome a sax virtuoso, Kirk Whalum.


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