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Eleventh of eleven. The jungles of east St Paul. Endless darkness of Minnesota winters. We don’t really know where the gift of songwriting, or musicianship comes from, but Kristin Mooney certainly has both.

She was bombarded with a wide variety of music from her brothers and sisters during the era of the late 60’s and 70’s. This may have had something to do with it, as she has clearly absorbed, filtered and condensed some of this music in hers.
Kristin started as a singer and interpreter of songs, developing her voice and as appreciation of how a good song works before venturing to write her own. Patience has paid off.

As both a full participant in and a reticent observer of life’s events and relationships, she has much to draw from as a writer. Her songs have a three dimensional quality – a broadness that is very satisfying. Personal and universal, with a cinematic vibe both sonically and lyrically.

Her new CD “Hydroplane” is an achingly familiar yet surprisingly fresh sounding recording of her new songs – a record beautifully unencumbered by attachment to any musical movement or scene. It has a healthy respect for what has come before without being in the least bit “retro” or imitative.

Good musicians have always been attracted to Kristin and her to them. The band she has assembled for “Hydroplane” is exceptional and together they have created a gorgeous record. Whatever the story, the history, influences – whatever paths led to this point, it is a high point for Kristin Mooney and well worth a good listen.

”Hydroplane” is Kristin’s third CD. It was co-produced by Kristin and drummer/ percussionist Jay Bellerose (Robert Plant/Allison Krause, T-Bone Burnett). The core band is Jay, Jennifer Condos (bass – Ray Lamontagne, Ryan Adams, Joe Henry), Eric Heywood (guitars and pedal steel – Son Volt, Ray Lamontagne, Richard Buckner) and Patrick Warren (keyboards – Fionna Apple, Aimee Mann). Ryan Freeland was the mixing engineer (Aimee Mann, Joe Henry, Jakob Dylan).

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