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"Circus Money", Walter Becker's new record due to June 10!


Circus Money is the new CD by Walter Becker, his first solo release since 11 Tracks Of Whack (1994).
It will be released on the 5 OVER 12 label and distributed by Mailboat Records.
Circus Money was produced by Larry Klein and features Walter Becker (bass); Keith Carlock (drums);
Jon Herington (guitar); Jim Beard and Ted Baker (keyboards).

Keith Howland & Craig Howland


“KeCraig“ is a new project by Chicago band member Keith Howland and his drummer brother Craig Howland,
from a jam that occurred at Keith's house over the Thanksgiving holiday. Having not played together for many years, they decided to go into the studio, press record and see what happened. With only guitar and drums they spontaneously made music for about an hour with no intention of anyone ever hearing it but them and the wall. No songs or even ideas were in place when they began recording. It was all off the top of their heads from the word go. Once Keith began listening back to what they had captured and added some bass, “KeCraig” was suddenly becoming a legit project. Jeff Babko layed down some killer keys that glued the project together and produced the final result.

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Keith Howland will be playing in Paris at Casino de Paris on july 29th with CHICAGO!!!!! Don't miss that exceptionnal event!


"Asking for Flowers" by Kathleen Edwards


Kathleen Edwards' Asking for Flowers is her first new album in three years, and the acclaimed artist's most penetrating collection to date. The album features eleven new songs, all written by Edwards, and finds her performing at the peak of her creative powers, supported by a group of master backing musicians. Flowers tells indelible, clear-eyed stories of hope and resignation, humor and death, unconditional love and brazen inequality.

Co-produced by Edwards and Jim Scott (Tom Petty, Whiskeytown), the album features, among others, keyboardist Benmont Tench from The Heartbreakers, drummer Don Heffington (Bob Dylan, The Wallflowers), bassist Bob Glaub (Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, Leonard Cohen), guitarist Colin Cripps (Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams), and pedal steel ace Greg Leisz (Sheryl Crow, Wilco, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss).

"This kind of love", Carly Simon's new album.


Grammy Award-winner Carly Simon is one of the most respected vocalists and songwriters in music today. "This Kind of Love" ranks among her most personal albums, as well as one of her most stylistically diverse excursions, with songs ranging from gorgeous melodies to driving rhythms.
The CD is co-produced by Simon, Frank Filipetti and Jimmy Webb who also wrote or co-wrote most of the arrangements. Filipetti worked his talent as the engineer as well as producer. The three first teamed up for Film Noir, Simon's album of standards that Webb produced in 1997. On This Kind of Love, Simon delivers 10 of her own songs (some of which she co-wrote), including the gently swaying title love song, the funky castigation of conniving celebrity-identity thieves ("People Say A Lot"), the catchy "How Could You Ever Forget" (one of Simon's personal favorites), the r&b-vibed "So Many People," the lyrical gem, "Sangre Dolce," and a waltz-time homage to her close friend, the humor columnist Art Buchwald, who passed in January 2007 ("Too Soon to Say Goodbye").

ZINC music presents Daniel Anderson "Days in L.A."


Daniel Andersson is a new name on the Westcoast scene, but the music he represents is mature and true to the classic sound created in California in the late seventies and early eighties. Daniel has been playing music all his life, he started out by learning the guitar and singing has always been a natural thing for him. The interest for music has grown through out the years and the styles have varied, but some influences have always been there, stuff like Toto, Chicago and Airplay! In 2003 he got the opportunity to study in Los Angeles at MI, where he met and recorded with heroes Jason Scheff (Chicago) and Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets). Being in L.A. was a tremendous experience and he got the chance to meet with a lot of great players and producers, including the Airplay duo Jay Graydon and David Foster. Back in Sweden he decided to write and record his own songs in the same style as he grew up listening to.
The result is "Days in L.A.", a serie of songs in the pure "westcoast music" style from the best bands from the 80's but with a fresh sound. Highly recommended if you're nostalgic of bands such as Airplay and Pages.

Interview with Russ Kunkel at Inside musicast


Russ Kunkel is a creative. Yes, he’s primarily known as a first-call drummer who made his mark helping artists such as James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Carly Simon, Carole King, and Linda Ronstadt create their personal sounds. But over the span of three decades, Russ has found that his real gift is not only playing drums, but also writing, producing and participating in the complete creative process of making music. When asked who the most significant people were in starting him on his musical journey, he is quick to mention a list of mentors and teachers that is longer than this introduction. You see, Russ Kunkel doesn’t take anything for granted. It is all about being at the right place at the right time. That’s all it took to connect Apple Records producer Peter Asher to him. After that meeting, Asher hired him to play on James Taylor’s debut album. The rest is history. He’s ready to release a new personal project this coming summer that is sure to pique the interest of music lovers everywhere. Inside MusiCast welcomes Russ Kunkel.

Interview with Kirk Whalum at Inside musicast


For a young boy growing up in Memphis,Tennessee, exposure to Gospel, soul, jazz, and R&B music was inevitable. The difference for Kirk Whalum was that his baptismal into this music happened at the church where his father pastored. Surrounded by a family that was comprised of several professional musicians, Kirk didn’t have to find found him. But, it was the sparkle and shine that first attracted him to his first saxophone. It was jazz great Bob James that first discovered Kirk playing at a gig in Houston, Texas where shortly thereafter, hired him to play one of his solo albums entitled '12.' Today, Whalum humbly tells how divine intervention had a definite hand in his past success and stands on a faith that is clearly contageous. He celebrated his 25 years in the business with the release of his 2007 album 'Roundtrip', and engaged producer Phillippe Saisse, who worked on his first solo album, along with an amazingly great lineup of musicians that included Earl Klugh and many guest musicians who are….ready for this? Family members! Inside MusiCast is happy to welcome a sax virtuoso, Kirk Whalum.