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Curt Collins "Another day"


Singer/songwriter Curt Collins isn't one of those guys who entered music industry ranks just to puff up with fame, stroke his own ego or amass the riches that a hit single can cultivate. Rather hes cut from an incredibly sincere cloth steeped in wanting to serve others, share with them touching stories from his life, be a listening ear for the broken and a source of hope for the hurting. While that might seem like the general protocol for any contemporary Christian artist, Collins passion overflows in an undeniably unique manner, making it impossible to ignore and perhaps more potent than any relative newcomer in recent memory.

"It's always been my goal to touch one person at a time even though people always ask don't you want to do more than that?" considers Collins as he gears up for a 2006 self-titled CD release. "I think my music has no boundaries and is for the church and unchurched. I also have a heart for kids in childrens homes, the ones who were abandoned and forgotten, and all the parents out there."

Curt Collins's new record "Another day" will be released soon... but if you want to discover Curt's beautiful music, get his self titled first record and enjoy it!

CURT COLLINS: Curt Collins

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