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Steve Overland returns with "Break away"

David Garfield released the Official LEN European Aquatics cd.


During the Championships, LEN (the governing body of 50 national European Swimming Federations) hosted a Gala Dinner in the National Gallery, remembering the 80 years passed from the first Continental title races....

...During the Gala Dinner also the official Anthem of LEN has been presented and played live on stage by the author David Garfield. The tune is a 4 min. 11 sec. piece entitled 'Pool of Friendship', reflecting on the main messages carried by sport, that is: love, understanding, friendship and peace amongst the Nations.

Apart of being an exceptional session musician (with Cher, Spinal Tap, The Rippingtons, Larry Carlton, Michael Bolton, The Blues Brothers, Brenda Russell, Rick Brown or Eros Ramazzotti to name a few), David has his own solo or band projects (Karizma and Los Lobotomys) and runs ongoing music relationships with George Benson (currently as Music Director), Boz Scaggs and Natalie Cole as well.

The LEN Anthem, 'Pool of Friendship' has been written, produced and arranged by David Garfield. Recorded and mixed by Steve Sykes at Stage & Sound Studios, Hollywood, CA and credited with: David Garfield - keyboards, Steve Tavaglione - saxophones and EWI, James Harrah guitars, John Peña bass, Gregg Bissonette drums and Michito Sanchez percussion. The LEN Anthem together with a 30sec. LEN television jingle (trailer) will be played from now on at every and each LEN Event, at the competition site and by the start and finish of the TV broadcast sessions.

The cd will be available soon to purchase. Stay Tuned!



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