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db Clifford's debut album "Recyclable" now available in Europe!


dbClifford’s debut album RECYCLABLE proves him to be a young magnetic artist with abundant talent that is already known in many parts of the world. Having written, produced, recorded and played all the instruments on the album, the 27 year old artist is a seasoned trained songwriter and a respected musician.

RECYCLABLE is a brilliantly unique record that is filled with funky pop melodies, unforgettable hooks and expressive lyrics. “Opinionated, romantic and naïve are the three words that would best describe the album’s goals and themes,” explains dbClifford. “Each element of the album had to fit the three word description.”

dbClifford used the song "Simple Things" as template for the rest of the album. It is a funky, poppy and opinionated song. The lyrical concept was loosely inspired by “My Favourite Things” from the musical The Sound of Music: a description of the simple things that help you get through the harsh and sometimes unfair realities of life.


Other songs on the album bring up heavier subjects such as racial equality in "I Have A Dream" inspired by the Martin Luther King Jr’s speech where dbClifford shares more individual feelings. “Musically this track is very challenging to play because of the constant change of key throughout the song,” explains dbClifford.
He also delves into more intimate and personal experiences on the album. From "Give Me Another Day", an intense heartbreak experience, to ‘About A Girl’ that was inspired by his first crush.

By the end of 2005 he had signed with Nettwerk Management and Nettwerk One (publishing). Early in 2006 he signed on with SONY BMG MUSIC (Canada) INC.

RECYCLABLE's depth and focus attest to dbClifford's vision as an artist. “I wanted to create a timeless record and RECYCLABLE seemed to be the perfect description.”

This August Daniel moved to Toronto from Victoria and will soon be hitting the road with his two band members to introduce their unforgettable live show to audiences across the country.

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