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In the fall of 2008, Frontiers Records will be releasing the long-anticipated Jimi Jamison album. Taking over the lead vocal slot for Survivor in 1984, Jimi sang some of that band's biggest hits: "I Can't Hold Back", "The Search Is Over", "High On You", the Platinum smash from the film Rocky IV, "Burning Heart" and as a solo artist, the main TV theme composition, "I'm Always Here", which he co-wrote and performed TV show worldwide, "Baywatch".

Following his departure from Survivor in 2006, Jimi continued his career playing successful live shows and reuniting with the other ex Survivor songwriter and co-producer Jim Peterik, Jimi has been recording the album his fans have long been hungry for. "It was a special moment when Jim joined me onstage at a benefit show in 2007 to sing a duet on The Search Is Over. The audience seemed to get as emotional as we did not having been on stage together since 1988", says Jimi. After that day, the two Jim's started talking about a new Jamison album that would pick up where Survivor left off.

Jim Peterik says: "When I started writing with Jimi's great voice in mind, the ideas and melodies just started to flow. No one can interpret one of my songs like Jaimo". The new album is going to be a masterpiece of Melodic Rock: heartfelt lyrics, soaring melodies and the hooks that have always been Jim Peterik's trademark.

It was then a natural step for Jamison and Peterik to speak with Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino, who immediately did not loose the chance to be part of this truly exciting project. The first fruit of this hard work, "Behind The Music" (Jim Peterik described it as "Rebel Son meets I Can't Hold Back"), was included in the Frontiers Records compilation "Rock the Bones Vol. 6".

Jamison says that Peterik always knew "How to bring the best out in me as a vocalist. I call him coach!". From the ballad "Lost" to the rich harmony vocals of "Make Me A Believer" (featuring Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger on drums) to the hard-rocking social statement "Can't Look Away", Jimi has hit the vocal stride that made him one of this generation's most influential singers. Also included here is Jim and Jimi 's tribute to 80's rock, "When Rock Was King". It name checks some of rock's biggest influences and features Jimi along with Don Barnes of .38 Special, Joe Lynn Turner of Rainbow, Toby Hitchcock of Pride Of Lions, Lisa McClowry, Jim Peterik, the other ex Survivor vocalist Dave Bickler and more.

Later this year, Jimi will mount a worldwide tour in support of this album. From his early days with Target, then on to Cobra and finding his wings with Survivor, Jimi Jamison is ready to capture his next frontier.


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