Leo Benink featuring Beehive & Eric Tagg
Ole Børud "Shakin' the Ground".

Flaming Bess "Waechter des Lichts"


Flaming Bess started their carreer in 1969 in the German city of Düsseldorf. In 1977, the band recorded their first record from legendary demo tapes which already showcased all trademarks of the later Flaming Bess style: carefully arranged, instrumental rock music, fused with sound collages and a fantastic story.
In 1981, their second LP "Verlorene Welt" was a huge success with more than 30.000 sold copies.
In 1983 the band released the record Verschlüsselt, awkwardly enough under the pseudonym Key, which had been a condition of their record company. In 1984 the band went back to its old name and worked with their new female vocalist Ute Freudenberg.

The 90s were a time of reversion and preparation. From 1990 to 1996, the band worked on new material. A collection of new songs was then released in 1996 on the third official Flaming Bess record, the more world-music and ethno inspired album Fata Morgana.

Today, after almost three years to compose and produce the new album, the band promise you a true adventure for your ears, more than 78 minutes of new Flaming Bess music and a fresh, fantastic story with "Waechter des Lichts".

If you like the classic songs of Yes, Asia, Genesis and Pink Floyd, Flaming Bess is your new step in the discovering of "progressive rock".


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