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Leo Benink featuring Beehive & Eric Tagg


Leo Bennink have a long musical history behind him,he was member of famous Dutch band in the sixties The Motions, one of the bigger groups of the 1960s Dutch beat explosion. The Motions were much loved abroad, even in the USA. The Walker Brothers even recorded a song The Motions had written and helped in the production of the group's second LP; The Motions were also brought to the USA in 1969 and presented to the public as one of the world's top hit-making pop groups! The single, "Freedom",Composed by LEO BENNINK reached high in the American charts. With THE MOTIONS Leo toured all over Europe and even did concerts is the USA together with ERIC BURDON, FRANK ZAPPA, ALICE COOPER and THE MONKEES. In 1991 he was a member of the 'new' JUMPING JEWELS and a single was recorded for CNR with Hot Samba (written by Leo Bennink) and Dakota.

Back in 1971, Leo Bennink released an album featuring Beehive with songs performed by Eric Tagg, most knowned as the vocalist on the classic "Rit" albums from Lee Ritenour. At that period Eric Tagg started his carreer as a vocalist in Netherland (Europe) where he released two album before coming back in US to record his famous "Dreamwalkin'" album.

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Eric Tagg is one of the best singers I've ever heard. Thanks for having this info posted.

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