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Robert Lamm's new album, "The Bossa project"

"Sabor", Arnold McCuller's new album!


Arnold McCuller talks about the new release: "Sabor is my first project of all original material, every word and melody. It was produced and arranged by my friend, Jon Gilutin. Jon is one of the finest musical directors and keyboard players in L.A. as his playing throughout Sabor will show. John, by the way, is also a brilliant composer. Remember New Attitude? That's the guy! Jon also co-wrote Me Perdonaste and Guru N U with me.

Two of my favourite songs were co-written with Matt Cusson., the baddest most soulful newcomer on the scene, still being discovered worldwide by the fans of Brian McKnight and Christina Aguilera. Matt's responsible for the tender ballad "Love Will Prevail" and our composition "Let's Go Back".

Bill Cantos, my musical director for twenty years, co-wrote "Oil On My Skin". I dedicate this song to Bill's beautiful wife, Mary Falcone, and to long-time relationships everywhere.

The rest of the music was co-written with Andy Abad over a three-year period, when he and I were home from the road. During this time, Andy was touring with Clay Aiken and Marc Anthony; I was out with James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, and Lyle Lovett. Nevertheless, we were able to come up with a concept that was true to my dream: A Latin-flavoured collection with enough feeling that I hope will inspire people of all musical tastes.

I chose to name this project Sabor because it means “flavour” or “tasty.” Although these songs don't strictly qualify as Latin Jazz, I love the genre and I wanted to pay homage to this beautiful style of music.

I hope Sabor makes you want to move, be inspired, and, most of all, feel the love of self-expression."


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