Robert Lamm's new album, "The Bossa project"
John Hiatt "Same old man"


Yes, Luke announced it....the 30 yr gig is over. But what I'm surprised at is the sheer ignorance of people who are writing their critical comments on so many blogs. They haven't a clue about TOTO. Sure, TOTO's hits were in the 80s. Great songs. Now classics. But if you haven't followed TOTO over the past 20 years, you wouldn't have heard their top-notch albums that were recorded AFTER TOTO IV. Mindfields. Tambu. Through the Looking Glass. Falling In Between. Fahrenheit. Isolation....and on and on. The fact is, uninformed people are quick to write about "their last hits in the 80s like Africa and Rosanna"...without knowing that the US music industry snubbed them and literally "choked" them out of the limelight. That's why they've been hanging their hat everywhere BUT the U.S.for the past 20 years! So, a little knowledge goes a long way in understanding where TOTO has been and why they're hanging it up. Finally, to compare TOTO to the likes of Milli Vanilli and GunsNRoses is not only ignorant, but confirms that people DON'T know music and quality when they hear it.

Best of luck, to all the TOTO guys. It was a nice long run.


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