Chicago in Paris!
Pictures of the Chicago concert in Paris, July 29, 2008

Chicago concert in Paris (Casino de Paris): pictures and soon video interviews







The concert of the band Chicago on July 29, 2008 at the Casino de Paris, Paris, France was quite exceptional although James Pankow and Walter Parazaider weren't in the band for this European tour (Nick Lane and Ray Hermann replaced them). In The Casino de Paris, the concert was sold out with a real great ambiance and a lot of blasts from the past as well as more recent material (80s, 90s and the latest years). More than 135 minutes for a great gig. Let's imagine Chicago hasn't played live in Paris since 1976!! The audience was fabulous and quite expressive!

If you have assisted to this concert or one of the Chicago concerts in Europe, please put your opinion and reviews in the comments of this message.

More to come : pics of the concert of Chicago in Paris and two exclusive video interviews : Bill Champlin and Jason Scheff

More to come on this blog, albums pics of the concert of Chicago in Paris and two exclusive video interviews of Bill Champlin and Jason Scheff shoot in Paris on July 29 in which they talk about Chicago (especially about the album "Stone Of Sysyphus"), their solo career, new collaborations and projects! Stay tuned!

A very special thanks to Bill Champlin and Jason Scheff for their friendship and for making these interviews possible!

Photos : Copyright J.-L. Raymond.


Les remplaçants de James et Walter ?!!!!!!!!!!! Qui sont-il ?!!!!!!!!

Yes, those 2 guys just appeared, but never got introduced. This is a little strange to me. I've seen the concert in Stuttgart 2 weeks ago, and they did not get mentioned at all.
Too bad, because J. Pankow is the "heart" of the horn section and I've missed him a lot.

Satisfait du concert au Casino de Paris, malgré ma déception de ne pas avoir pu voir Jimmy et Walter.
Fan du groupe depuis le début, c'est à dire 1967, j'ai tout de même fait 1000 km pour voir et entendre un groupe amputé de deux éléments principaux... Pour le son, il faudrait revoir la question, ce n'était pas terrible, dommage. A l'année prochaine, j'espère, avec le groupe au complet

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