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An English music journalist once wrote about the band: “only for those who like music” and suggested “Crank it up before you go out on a Saturday night. Crank it up before you eat breakfast on Wednesday morning.” He definitely was right: Dream And Deliver, the third album by the Hannover based rock band is a perfect choice for any lover of highly melodic, diverse music. 

After the releases of Here Comes The Flood (2001) und Dreams For The Daring (2003), Dream And Deliver will hit the shelves in Europe on August 28th, 2008. Japan already released the album on May 21st and it hit the charts instantly on position number 14.

The record once again offers what the fans of this five-piece love about them the most: high quality musicianship, catchy arrangements and great refrains – “song-orientated rock music with hit potential”, as guitarist Engelke describes the band’s sound himself. 

In the year 2008, Dreamtide still consists of guitarist Helge Engelke, drummer CC Behrens, keyboard player Torsten Lüderwaldt and singer Olaf Senkbeil. Engelke, Behrens and Lüderwaldt are also members of the German Melodic Rock band Fair Warning. New in the line-up is bassist Francis Buchholz who joined the group in 2007 when replacing Thunderhead’s Ole Hempelmann. The skilled bass man is well known for his time with the Scorpions which he was a member with until 1992. Buchholz and singer Olaf Senkbeil during the previous two years also have been members of the band of guitarist Uli Jon Roth – another former member of the Scorpions. 

As the two predecessors, "Dream And Deliver" once again offers distinctive guitar riffs, intelligent arrangements and catchy melodies. Musically centered around the skilled vocal performance of Senkbeil and the unique guitar playing of guitarist Helge Engelke with his unmistakable high - sometimes even violin alike - solos, the 14 included compositions truly become stand outs. Fans and media both undoubtfully will rave about this release again. 


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