Nathalie Nahai "Fortune teller"
Joel Rafael "Thirteen stories high"

Kelly Dalton "Home"


Kelly Dalton was raised in a house of music. His mother and father, both singer/songwriters, met in a club in New York and together joined the renownedfolk group "The Back Porch Majority" in the 60's.

From the beginning it was clear Kelly was fascinated by the simple, yet beautiful chord changes and melodies from the likes of Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel and James Taylor. He began learning these songs on the house piano and guitar soon followed. Starting in his early teens he performed with various bands, until he began working on his own songs and honing his own musicianship. Small impromptu coffee house gigs and relentless west coast performances drew increasingly larger audiences..loyal crowds soon followed.

Recently he recorded a 6 song EP titled “Home” with Producer Thom Flowers up in Santa Barbara, Ca. Some of his live band buddies Cisco Deluna (Dobro, Accordion) & Ben Pringle (Organs, Harmonies) came in and added their magic. Also, his friend and fellow singer/songwriter Holly Brook completed it by adding her beautiful voice on a few tracks.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt - Hemifran


I really like this guy. Great songs, beautiful voice. I bought both cd's.

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