Flaming Bess "Waechter des Lichts"
Bossa Nova Hotel featuring Janey Clewer, Bruce Gaitsch & Michael Sembello

Ole Børud "Shakin' the Ground".


Ole Børud a newcomer in the Norwegian music scene, released his debut album "Shakin' the Ground", very inspired by American "Westcoast" music, funk and soul classics.

Ole Børud has been a full-time musician, with numerous bands and artists including the gospelgroup Arnold B Family, the internationally acclaimed metal band Extol, Sofian and Torun Eriksen and Andrae Crouch.

"Shakin' the Ground" marks Ole Børud’s debut as a solo artist. It offers close harmonies and sophisticated arrangements with west coast flavor, whith rhythms deeply rooted in funk and R&B. You can easyly hear inspiration from artists such as Steely Dan and D́angelo performed by a clear and powerful voice and played with some of the best Norwegian musicians. Don't wait for discover that great music of Ole Børud!


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