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Belmont by Annie keating


Keating’s new release, “BELMONT” is songwriting at its purest. Tough and tender, the twang infused songs tell stories of hope and struggle with a refreshing honesty, grit and timelessness.

The Village Voice raves, "Keating is a wise mix of Lucinda Williams songwriting, Gillian Welch guitar and a vocal all her own… her style invokes a cross between Willie Nelson and John Prine and you don't get any better than that.” You don’t get any better than that.

Having grown up near BELMONT, Massachusetts (where she learned to play guitar from a childhood friend) Annie landed in New York City and there began a decade of activist work. Though she never stopped writing songs, Keating spent years fighting for civil liberties, environmental justice and reproductive rights causes before finding her way back to recording and performing. In the last few years, she’s made up for any lost time with inspired albums.

On her third independent CD release Keating has arrived as an international songwriting force. “BELMONT” is a big slab of pure, organic Americana/roots song writing that has captured ears and minds worldwide.

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