Brian Wilson That Lucky Old Sun and a new concept album
"Clifton Hill", Honeymoon Suite's new album.

Billy Chinnock's "Badlands" now reissued at Collectors's choice Music!


Like Bruce Springsteen, Bill Chinnock was discovered by legendary producer John Hammond, Sr. (who called Chinnock “The real essence of American music”), and like Bruce, he played with Garry Tallent, Vini Lopez and Danny Federici. In fact, Chinnock fronted the band that was to become the E Street Band, and while he didn’t achieve the superstardom of his successor at the helm, he still put out a series of critically-acclaimed albums, of which this one, his 1978 release for Atlantic, is considered one of the best. Includes 'Outlaw; Badlands' (not the Springsteen tune, but a Chinnock original); 'Another Man Gone Down; Lion in the Park; Something for Everybody; Is That What Love Is; Crazy Ol’ Rock ’N’ Roll Man', and 'Prisoner'. A 'Collectors’ Choice Music' exclusive!


This guy was great. It is sad he is gone. I grew up in NJ and went to school in Maine where he moved to after making a name for himself in Asbur Park. I have seen him in concert morethan anyone else and was never disappointed.

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