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Christene Ledoux presents her new album "Dust 'n' branches ... songs from a wanderer"


Recorded in record time - six days - in the Spring of 2008 with Austin, Texas friend & renowned Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Mark Hallman (Ani DiFranco, Shawn Colvin, Gretchen Peters & Carole King amongst others) nestled in a cozy house on the outskirts of Austin, Texas - Christene Ledoux's highly anticipated latest full-length CD, "dust 'n' branches ... songs from a wanderer" has arrived!

A Telluride Troubador Finalist, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Finalist, Rocky Mt. Folks Festival Finalist, Founder's Title Folk & Bluegrass Festival Finalist, USA Songwriting Award winner, Billboard Songwriting Award winner, Performing Songwriter Top 12 Pick and chosen amongst the UK's Top Maverick Magazine as Ladies Choice to name a few, Christene's down to earth approachability and heart-warming songs are quickly winning the hearts of both fan and industry alike across the globe.

Although reminiscent in some ways to folk icons Nanci Griffith, Patty Griffin & Kate Wolf and with a voice often compared to that of the late Eva Cassidy, it's not to be mistaken that Christene's voice, songs and show are all her own.

Christene has, as a many folk singers before her, lived hard and traveled far, earning each mile and tale as only a wandering minstrel can do.
Living everywhere from California to Arizona, Alaska to Connecticut, Colorado to Tennessee, Texas to London, on the roads & in the campgrounds of the US in her Ford truck & Airstream trailer and now the alps of Innsbruck, Austria - Christene is a gifted storyteller, mesmerizing singer and possesses some of the best songwriting out there.

Watching Christene perform live is like spending time with your closest friend. Her ease with her audience is alarming ... her stories both funny and tragic and just when you think you know where it's going, she takes you from tears to laughter in a matter of minutes.

Arthur Jefferson of 'San Francisco Art Magazine' put it best when he wrote, "The lyrics of Christene LeDoux are so clear and vivid that with each note and tone she emits, a detailed form seems to take shape in our minds. To call LeDoux a storyteller is to understate her skills. She is an artist creating exquisite imagery through song. Her entire performance was pure art, her voice of angelic purity. Through every song the crowd was entranced, the aura of their love and appreciation a palpable presence in the club. This is what the experience of music is all about."


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