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Frontiers Records is excited to announce the European release of the brand new HONEYMOON SUITE album entitled “Clifton Hill” on October 10th 2008.

Formed in 1982 by Derry Grehan (guitar) and Johnnie Dee (vocals and guitar), HONEYMOON SUITE have achieved well over a million album sales worldwide earning them multiple gold and platinum awards, thus becoming one of the most successful Canadian acts on the international markets. Albums such as the self-titled debut, “The Big Prize”, “Racing After Midnight” and “Monsters Under the Bed” are considered by press and fans like real classics of the Melodic Rock genre.

During the last 20 years the band had been touring with the likes of Heart, Journey, ZZ Top, Bryan Adams, Saga, Status Quo, Aerosmith, Jethro Tull, Night Ranger and other successful classic Rock and Hard Rock bands.

Honeymoon Suite’s original line-up reformed in 2007 and after a very successful year of touring, is now on the road again for the summer of 2008. The band will continue their non-stop touring schedule with summer shows alongside Loverboy, April Wine, Kim Mitchell and other classic rock acts.

In the meanwhile Derry and Johnnie started working on a new album together with the collaboration of original debut album producer Tom Treumuth and deciding to call it “Clifton Hill,” after the Niagara Falls, ON location where the band was formed 25 years ago. Derry Grehan explains “Clifton Hill is a famous landmark right dead centre of all the tourist activity in Niagara Falls. The picture on the album cover was taken there back around the mid-eighties when it was still a kind of cheesy tourist trap, and we wanted to show that side of it. We of course see the whole thing differently than the millions of tourists who visit there every year. The picture is also cool because we shot our "Burning in Love" video there in the early 80's, and that’s just what it looked like then”.

On the music included on the new album, Derry has to say that “Every time Johnnie and I sit down to write a record, the sound does progress because we have lived a lot more of life than when we were all kids. We never say “the new songs are going to sound like this or that”, but this whole new album has really been somewhat of a return musically to the sound that we had in the 80's. It's produced by Tom Treumuth who did our first record, so it seems we've all come full circle, hence the title "Clifton Hill".

The result is a incredibly mature and inspired album with all the trademarks of the classic Honeymoon Suite sound, chock full or great rock songs and fascinating mid tempos and ballads.
An amazing return of a truly great band, don’t miss it !


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