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David Roberts Japan Tour and new album release!


David Roberts is now busy for preparing his first Japan Tour 2008 to fill his missing 26 years absence and promote his brand-new 2nd solo album "Better Late Than Never" released in July breaking his 26 years silence. David will perform 2 shows in Tokyo, 1 show in Osaka and 1show in Nagoya early October.

And you will be very pleased to hear that David will release another album titled "Missing Years", a collection of his unreleased demos recorded mainly in early-mid 90's.
This release will be sold ahead of its official release date, at Club Quattro, when David Roberts will perform there.


Label: Vivid Sound Corp., Japan (VSCD3365>

Release Date: October 8, 2008
1. Run Back
2. Misunderstood
3. Gone But Not Forgotten
4. Until Your Heart's Content
5. Run Away With Me
6. Forbidden Fruit
7. Nothing Matters Tonight
8. I Love You So Much It Hurts
9. Higher Power
10. One Soul
11. No Ordinary Girl
12. Cry Me A River Tonight
13. I Still Believe

Live shows details would be as below;

Live Dates and Venues:

October 4, Saturday at Club Quattro Shibuya, Tokyo
(Show Start: 7PM)
October 6, Monday at Club Quattro Shinsaibashi, Osaka
(Show Start: 7PM)
October 7, Tuesday at Club Quattro Nagoya, Nagoya
(Show Start: 7PM)
October 8, Wednesday at Club Quattro Shibuya, Tokyo
(Show Start: 7PM)
Venue's official website: Club Quattro

Tour Members:
David Roberts: Keyboards and Vocals
Paul Mabury: Drums
Lauren Ellis : Bass
Pat Bergeson: Guitar
Brad Cole: Keyboards (known for his recording and tour supporting for Phil Collins)
Fred Mollin: Rhythm and Acoustic Guitar and Percussion (producer of the album "Better Late Than Never")

Thanks to Takeito - ACMJ


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