"Stop go" by Holmes
Jimmy Wayne's new album "Do You Believe Me Now"

Felix Cavaliere & Steve Cropper "Nudge It Up A Notch"


Felix Cavaliere and Steve Cropper released their new CD entitled "Nudge It Up A Notch". In the 60's, Steve Cropper's guitar, production and songwriting embodied the sound and the spirit of Stax and the southern soul. At the same time in the Northeast, there was a band called The Rascals, whose sound was epitomized by brilliant songs, a B-3 organ and the voice of Felix Cavaliere. Now these two R&B legends come together to "Nudge It Up a Notch", a tour de force of 12 smokin' original tunes, guaranteed to satisfy your soul!


From: M&M Records:
Have you heard the
new "Groovin"...smooth-jazz duet with Felix Cavaliere & Diane Marino...Smooth & Smokin'...
check it out @www.myspace.com/dianemarino

I bought 'Nudge it up a Notch' on import!

I love this album! Love Steve Cropper and Felix heaps!!

Wow, I just bought this album and right from the start loved it, this is an instant classic, Cropper's smooth guitar contrasts so well with Cavaliere's urgent soulful singing....just awesome....I hope this is not their last collaboration.

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