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Bill Champlin "No place left to fall"


Bill Champlin's latest album release, "No Place Left To Fall" is available now via digital release from DreamMakers Music.

The album is available at iTunes, and many other of your favorite digital download websites. "No Place Left To Fall" in stores release date to follow soon!

Read Bill's commentary on the songs
Watch video previews of the Bill Champlin documentary bonus DVD

David Roberts Japan Tour and new album release!


David Roberts is now busy for preparing his first Japan Tour 2008 to fill his missing 26 years absence and promote his brand-new 2nd solo album "Better Late Than Never" released in July breaking his 26 years silence. David will perform 2 shows in Tokyo, 1 show in Osaka and 1show in Nagoya early October.

And you will be very pleased to hear that David will release another album titled "Missing Years", a collection of his unreleased demos recorded mainly in early-mid 90's.
This release will be sold ahead of its official release date, at Club Quattro, when David Roberts will perform there.


Label: Vivid Sound Corp., Japan (VSCD3365>

Release Date: October 8, 2008
1. Run Back
2. Misunderstood
3. Gone But Not Forgotten
4. Until Your Heart's Content
5. Run Away With Me
6. Forbidden Fruit
7. Nothing Matters Tonight
8. I Love You So Much It Hurts
9. Higher Power
10. One Soul
11. No Ordinary Girl
12. Cry Me A River Tonight
13. I Still Believe

Live shows details would be as below;

Live Dates and Venues:

October 4, Saturday at Club Quattro Shibuya, Tokyo
(Show Start: 7PM)
October 6, Monday at Club Quattro Shinsaibashi, Osaka
(Show Start: 7PM)
October 7, Tuesday at Club Quattro Nagoya, Nagoya
(Show Start: 7PM)
October 8, Wednesday at Club Quattro Shibuya, Tokyo
(Show Start: 7PM)
Venue's official website: Club Quattro

Tour Members:
David Roberts: Keyboards and Vocals
Paul Mabury: Drums
Lauren Ellis : Bass
Pat Bergeson: Guitar
Brad Cole: Keyboards (known for his recording and tour supporting for Phil Collins)
Fred Mollin: Rhythm and Acoustic Guitar and Percussion (producer of the album "Better Late Than Never")

Thanks to Takeito - ACMJ

Peter Mayer: Moonlight Over Paris live for you!

Once in a time, there is a dream... You live your dream. This past sunday in his hotel room in Paris (closed to the Champs-Elysees avenue), Peter Mayer has offered us and above all you, an interview (see below) but before starting his interview, Peter Mayer has offered an amazing great gift: a new acoustic version of "Moonlight Over Paris" a song from the first and only P.M. album back from the 80s.

This song is about Paris... And the Moonlight Over Paris... So here it is as Peter Mayer, a music angel in this world has kindly offered you shot live with his acoustic guitar... What an incredible talent!

And we hope that Peter will be able to perform live in Paris very soon again. He has not played in France as a solo artist or with his own band since 1997!

Thanks Peter for this gift and who you are!

Interview with Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer and Mac McAnally NOW ON-LINE!


Mac McAnally, Peter Mayer et Jim Mayer were in Paris in the Jimmy Buffett backing band: they did two fabulous concerts in the French capital (New Morning) this past friday and saturday.
We had the chance to meet and shot interviews of these three incredible musicians.
Watch it now!

Peter Mayer & Jim Mayer: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.
Mac McAnally: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

PETER MAYER: Still In One Peace

Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer and Mac McAnally interviews in Paris



There are great moments of exceptions that we would like to keep forever in our minds and hearts. This sunny afternoon in Paris, we have had the chance to interview three legends of the music we love, Peter Mayer and Jim Mayer (from the band P.M.... For sure, you remember their hits like "Piece Of Paradise", "Moonlight Over Paris"...) and Mac McAnally (incredibly talented artist with "Nothing But The Truth" et "Finish Lines" LPs among others!).

Mac McAnally, Peter Mayer et Jim Mayer were in Paris in the Jimmy Buffett backing band: they did two fabulous concerts in the French capital (New Morning) this past friday and saturday.

Soon on this blog, you will see 2 video interviews of both Jim Mayer/Peter Mayer and Mac McAnally... And also an exclusive live acoustic version of "Moonlight Over Paris" shot by Peter Mayer especially for you! Stay tuned!

To be followed! Enjoy!

Thanks to Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer and Mac McAnally for these precious moments of interviews!

Photo credits: J.-L. Raymond and A. Léger.

Jimmy Wayne's new album "Do You Believe Me Now"


Do You Believe Me Now is the next step in Jimmy Wayne's evolution as an artist. Time on the road has made his voice even stronger and more seasoned. Interaction with the fans has heightened his awareness of what an audience wants when they come to a show. Thus the new album is teeming with up tempo tracks. Jimmy has grown as a songwriter and with maturity comes a broader view of life that informs his music. While his first album was an intensely personal, almost cathartic collection, Jimmy's new songs tend to explore more universal themes, yet still maintain inspiration from an intensely personal place.

Do You Believe Me Now, features the hit single that has re-introduced him to a hungry country radio audience. The rest of the album runs the gamut from the summertime fun of "I'll Do That" to the sensual "One on One" about a couple needing their alone time.

A standout track is certain to be Jimmy's duet with Patty Loveless, titled "No Good For Me." "I hold honesty in lyrics and in vocal performance above all else in my music," he said. "For me, Patty represents the embodiment of honesty in music to which the rest of us can only aspire."

"Didn't Come Here to Lose" is a buoyant tune about not giving up on your musical dreams despite the challenges. "Where You're Going" is an empowering anthem that features a guest vocal by John Oates of the legendary duo Hall & Oates. Jimmy will be a special guest on Oates' forthcoming project.

One of the album's highlights is the autobiographical "Kerosene Kid," a song that holds special significance to Jimmy because of his extensive charity work with disadvantaged youth. "When you smell kerosene on a kid at school, you just know that they have a hard life," says Jimmy. "Usually the kids who heat by a kerosene heater are poor kids. They live in trailers or old houses and that's their only way of staying warm is to either use a kerosene or a wood heater. This song says `Don't let them get you down, keep your head up and stay proud.'"

Felix Cavaliere & Steve Cropper "Nudge It Up A Notch"


Felix Cavaliere and Steve Cropper released their new CD entitled "Nudge It Up A Notch". In the 60's, Steve Cropper's guitar, production and songwriting embodied the sound and the spirit of Stax and the southern soul. At the same time in the Northeast, there was a band called The Rascals, whose sound was epitomized by brilliant songs, a B-3 organ and the voice of Felix Cavaliere. Now these two R&B legends come together to "Nudge It Up a Notch", a tour de force of 12 smokin' original tunes, guaranteed to satisfy your soul!

"Stop go" by Holmes


“I’ve always enjoyed records that reveal a bit of versatility – ones that draw from a number of different moods and styles” says singer/Songwriter/Producer Holmes (given name Roy Shakked), “My influences vary; my moods vary, and so I like to keep things moving in an attempt try to get a more complete picture”. Holmes’ music career started out in Boston where he worked as a bar pianist and while studying at Berklee College of Music. He then moved to NYC, working as a composer, and now resides in Los Angeles spending his time producing records, taking care of his aging dog, staying up late, occasionally composing for television and running his own record label. His music has been featured on television shows The OC, CSI Miami, Sex and The City, Independent Lens, Without a Trace and Nip/Tuck; a Nissan Motors commercial; movies Poseidon and The Devil Wears Prada, as well as dozens of album compilations.


A man of many aliases Holmes is known to many for his notable Los Angeles record label Groove Gravy Records. Borrowing from a plethora of music genres and a variety of world flavors Holmes' production career reached a turning point as he recorded “Fresh Goods” - 2002's ultra-eclectic release under the pseudonym The Tao of Groove ( “Shakked's work could quite possibly take mixing to a whole new level." -The Oakland Tribune.) As Jazzelicious he has remixed classic tracks by Sarah Vaughan, Jimmy McGriff, McCoy Tyner and Carmen McRae among others, produced tracks for Shihan and Ursula Rucker and, in the process, has developed quite a distinctive musical style.

Enlisting a group of friends that would make any record producer's mouth water Holmes spent the winter of '06-'07 locked up in his home studio, bringing to fruition a long overdue project – his debut album Stop Go. With the help of guitarists Lyle Workman (Beck, Sting, Frank Black), Chris Bruce (Seal, Wendy & Lisa) and Joel Shearer (Alanis Morissette, Ben Taylor); drummer Ramy Antoun (Seal, Alexi Murdoch), cellist Sarah O'Brien (ELO, LA Philharmonic), bassist Brett Simons (Alexi Murdoch, Liz Phair), the album is brimming with good energy. Influenced by 70's American rock, Brit Pop and a nod towards The Beatles, Stop Go is produced with personal touches and an ear to the future, effortlessly moving from power pop/rock to tender singer-songwriter ballads. Songs from the album have already received spins from over 150 radio stations around the world.

After 18 months of various productions and touring Holmes returns with Basement Tapes - his sophomore release. From Go Computer, a hard-hitting track about a dysfunctional relationship between a man and his computer, to Let’s Dance - a dark and lush cover of Bowie’s classic 80’s hit, to Not a Political Song - a bouncy, poppy farewell to our commander-in-chief, Holmes’ stylistic diversity is at work once more. A 5-song EP is out now while the full album is due out in January of 2009.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt - Hemifran

“The Café Carlyle Sessions” by Christopher Cross


Christopher Cross will release soon an album titled "“The Café Carlyle Sessions" recorded during shows in April and May, 2008, at the legendary Café Carlyle in the Carlyle Hotel in New York City

Christopher says: "The concept for this album came out of my shows in April and May, 2008, at the legendary Café Carlyle in the Carlyle Hotel in New York City. I decided that, given the intimacy of the 80-seat room, I would perform the music in a style different from my usual pop rhythm section format."

"My friend and arranger, Chris Walden introduced me to some amazingly talented musicians in NY -- Andy Ezrin on Piano and David Mann on Winds -- and LA-based Kevin Axt on Bass. I used my regular drummer, Dave Beyer, and I play only acoustic guitar. The solo work is handled by Andy and David., and we recorded the 15 tracks live in LA in 2 days."


Amy Holland "The Journey To Miracle River"


We are pleased to announce the much anticipated release of Amy Holland’s CD, “The Journey To Miracle River” on Chonin Records. This record, her first in 20 years, is destined to become a classic.
Amy talks about the release on her myspace page. Listen to it now!

Amy Holland’s career began at 15 years old when she migrated to LA to sign with Brother records a label started by the Beach Boys. Though no album was to materialize, it was a ticket out of palisades NY straight into the music business of the 70’s in that mecca known as Hollywood California.

Amy Boersma came to LA as a singer songwriter in 1970 and during the typical string of artist development deals that for some reason, don’t quite pan out, she met and captured the interest of more than a few distinguished record producers. Among these were Jack Daugherty (the Carpenters. Paul Williams) and Rick Jarrard (Jefferson Airplane, Nillson, Jose Feliciano). However it was a randomly brief but fortuitous rehearsal encounter with a relatively unknown composer, and for the moment, piano accompanist Michael McDonald, during these early years that would lead ultimately to Amy Hollands success at radio years later, winning her a best new artist nomination at the Grammy Awards of 1980. McDonald who, years later, remembering the allure of her vocal style, would join forces with keyboardist/composer/producer, Patrick Henderson to produce her first Capitol LP from which the top 20 hit “How do I Survive,” (composed by Paul Bliss), emerged on to the charts, taking Amy Holland around the world as an American 80’s ingénue. This period of Amy’s career is documented by TV appearances in Japan and the US that can still be found on You Tube.

A second Capitol LP titled “On Your Every Word” and musical contributions to films such as “Scar Face” and “Teen Wolf” (Some of those tracks produced and written by the infamous Georgio Maroder) along with her contributions to the projects of other artist’s such as Kenny Loggins, Joni Mitchell, Tim Weisburg, Doobie Brother Patrick Simmons and McDonald’s solo projects, would mark her career path for the next few years.
During this time her music business relationship with producer McDonald had developed into something much more and with their marriage and the subsequent birth of their two children, Amy found herself embracing the role of wife and mother. discovering along the way that she had to somewhat relax her grip on her lifelong dream of being a recording artist.

After a much longer than intended hiatus due to a battle to survive breast cancer, Amy has found a renewed inspiration in the making and release of her most recent CD “The Journey To Miracle River”. Produced by Bernie Chiaravalle, this Album is very much the autobiography of a personal sojourn she was destined to return from at this point in her life, It’s her first solo CD release in over 20 years.

With songs co-written by Amy with friends Jon Vesner, John Goodwin, Michael McDonald and Bernie Chiaravalle. The much anticipated album is slated for an early fall release and features contributions from Vince Gill, Michael McDonald, Shannon Forrest, Bernie Chiaravalle, Stuart Duncan, Tim Akers, and her son, Dylan McDonald to name a few.

Most recently, Amy’s voice can be heard on Willie Nelson’s release of “Whatever Happened To Peace On Earth”. A poignant call to conscience featuring other artists such as Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Michael McDonald, and Pat Simmons with all proceeds going to benefit the National Veterans Foundation.

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