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Jimi Jamison's new album "Crossroads moment"!


"Crossroads moment" will be Jimi Jamison's first recording since the 2006 release "Reach" as lead singer of the band Survivor. The new record was recorded and written with ex-Survivor Jim Peterik.

The recording band includes: Ed Breckenfeld on drums, Klem Hayes and Bill Syniar on bass, Jim Peterik, Mike Aquino and Joel Hoekstra on guitar and Christian Cullen, Jeff Lanz and Jim Peterik on keyboards. Background vocals are handled by Thom Griffin (Trillion, Ambition) and Jim Peterik.

The last song on the album, “When Rock Was King” is a loving tribute to the rockin' 80's with guest such as Don Barnes of .38 Special, Dave Bickler Survivor's original lead singer, Joe Lynn Turner of Rainbow, Mickey Thomas of Starship, Mike Reno of Loverboy and Jim Peterik. A video is in the works and will be included on the CD.



-We've kind of liked when seconds count, and were surprised by "too hot to sleep," and dissappointed with "reach". We've waited for 24 years but, now, it is here. i listened to the previews yesterday, and must say there are songs that continue where Vital Signs left off in 1984—with 24 years of wisdom and musicianship added. They rock! "Crossroads Moment" is a comeback like the one Journey did with the equally strong "revelation." This is no low budget recording by a desparate heritage artist, this stuff sounds fresh and muscular! Just listen to the crunchy guitars, the bold piano patterns, the layers of acoustic arpeggios, the surprising rhythmic attacks, and the rock-solid acoustic drum sound. When i heard the chorus of "that's why i sing," something came over me that me made me feel very very good, something i felt with Journey's "change for the better" early this summer. Thank you Mr. Peterik and Jamison for bringing back the kind of joy i haven't had for a long time.

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