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For many recording artists, the process of cranking up the writing machine to begin a new record can be a daunting task. But not for rising singer/songwriter Stacie Rose.

After her 2005 release of 'Shadow & Splendor' earned unanimous raves, the Jersey born Rose was ready to rock when her muse came calling again.

The end result, 'Shotgun Daisy' is a collection of songs with lush vocals, hook-laden melodies and engaging lyrics. It is clearly her most personal and direct recording yet. The title is a nickname given to Rose and refers to her all or nothing, mile a minute approach to life.

With a the stellar cast of musicians on 'Shotgun Daisy', it’s no wonder many have called her a musician’s musician!

The record includes performances by Gerry Leonard (David Bowie's music director), Jack Petruzelli, Shawn Pelton, Shawn Mullins, Steve Conte, Lucy Woodward, James Maestro (Ian Hunter & Patti Smith), David Patterson (Shawn Mullins and Indigo Girls). Jeff Allen, one of the producers, and bass player (Avril Lavigne and Duncan Sheik & currently touring with Rosanne Cash and Marc Cohn), Robert Smith, also a producer of the record (David Bowie and Rickie Lee Jones).

So Stacie Rose, Jersey girl — 'Shotgun Daisy' is back and better than ever. The irresistible melodies, the mile-wide hooks, the revealing lyrics, dark comedy mentality, and that all enveloping voice. They’re all in tact and they all add up to a self-portrait of an artist who’s truly come of age.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt - Hemifran

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