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A brand new album "No place left to fall" and re-releases from Japan for Bill Champlin


At last! The new Bill Champlin album entitled "No Place Left to Fall" will be available for purchase at cdjapan and ZINC MUSIC
Recorded with Billy Ward, George Hawkins Jr, Bruce Gaitsch and many guests such as Peter Cetera, Mark Eddinger, Steve Lukather, Jerry Lopez and Will Champlin to name a few, the long awaited new BC record in 13 years contains 13 "GREAT" songs including a new version of "Look Away" (originally recorded for Chicago 19). 

This special edition does not only consist of 13 new songs with a total length of 68 minutes, you are also treated with a 70 minute DVD (region free) featuring a lengthy documentary of the recording of the album plus some extra cool stuff - all nicely packed in a slipcase. 

In the words of drummer, Billy Ward, "I became a Bill Champlin fan in the early seventies when he led, what was to me, a ground-breaking band, The Sons Of Champlin. He´s written and sang on probably over 400 hit songs, the later ones with the band Chicago. His organ playing has him ranked on most peoples "A" list and he plays the heck out of the guitar as well! He is one of the finest musicians I´ve ever gotten the privilege to play with.” Dennis Cook, in Jambase and Relix Magazine adds, “Age has done nothing to diminish his powers, and in fact, brings nuances to the material that a young cat just can´t muster." 

At the same time, Bill Champlin's music lovers will appreciate the re-releases (with new artworks) of "Burn down the night" (with 2 bonus tracks), "Through it all", "He started to sing", "Mayday" and SONS OF CHAMPLIN's "Secret" and "Hip li'l dreams". 

Read "No place to fall" songs commented by Bill here
Get your copy at cdjapan and Zinc Music NOW!


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