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HipBootJoe... Amazing "country rock" band to discover!


HipBootJoe has roots in southern Louisiana, but their fresh, contemporary sound is catching the attention of listeners around the globe. Since this hard-working band’s formation in 2001, HipBootJoe has grown in popularity becoming the hottest band on the Gulf Coast and making their mark on various regions of the country. 

With a current country sound influenced by the subtle flavor of New Orleans and riding on the edge of diverse musical influences, HipBootJoe seems to always stop listeners in their tracks. Their ever-increasing fan base has skyrocketed since the release of their latest CD, "Louisiana State Line". Having shared the stage with artists such as Kenny Chesney at his recent New Orleans show, HipBootJoe signed an exclusive agency agreement with the legendary Buddy Lee Attractions in Nashville, Tennessee, a move to ensure that thousands more can enjoy their live performances. 

The band is made up of talented musicians and avid songwriters with an abundance of on-stage energy. These guys love to perform, and it shows. Big D and Bubba (syndicated radio show hosts) call HipBootJoe “our favorite people from southern Louisiana”. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Hipbootjoe LIVE!

  HIPBOOTJOE: Louisiana State Line

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