Jim Peterik's smooth Jazz project "Lifeforce"
Big Street's second release "The tree of life"!

Jimi Jamison's "Crossroads moment"


"First time I learned Jimi Jamison, ex-lead singer of the band Survivor, was working on a new solo album project with Jim Peterik (ex-Survivor, Pride of lion), I was very exited by the news. 
If my personal tastes in music evolved during the years, listening to less and less "Melodic Rock" records, I still be a SURVIVOR fan over the years. When the band released 2 years ago, their long awaited album "Reach", I jumped on it but was a little disapointed by the content of the cd. I was waiting for something very different, catchy tunes remembering me the good old days of the band with their amazing "Vital signs", "When second count" and "Too hot too sleep" records.
"Reach" for sure missed something... and listening to "Crossroads moment", I know the missing piece was the name of Jim Peterik who left the band after the "Too hot to sleep" album.
If I was dreaming of a very AOR quality album... Jimi Jamison et Jim Peterik just did it! 
"Crossroads moment" excels at any levels. Jimi sings at his best and every songs written by Jim Peterik catch your attention with efficient rythms and awesome melodies. Get your copy of "Crossroads moment", you won't be desapointed... just "Amazed"!"
Arnaud Leger

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I m looking forward to next update.

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